24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ | What do you want in a big phone?

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The Galaxy S8+ feels a lot smaller in the hand than it’s screen would indicate, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t still a pretty big phone. What do we get for that size and extra display height? Here’s our first reaction, using the phone for 24 hours.
AKG earbud review https://youtu.be/o3RP6-i6zlk
GS8 Real Audio Review https://youtu.be/eTO67ckt49M


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CleverCracker says:

Its like this dude tried to make this phone look fucking nasty in every shot. Like, I get you want to make a point that its easy to get fingerprints but god damn don't leave it so greasy in a macro shot that I can see the pores on your face in the grease. Nasty af.

MegaLifeChanging says:

Mate 9 screen is much nicer, screen ratio wise. Don't like the "skinny screen" look

TotalFreshness says:

Why don't you review the Sony XZs or XZ Premium?

Emchuck44 says:

I want 3D Touch in any phone over $500.

PrettyKcee M says:

typing on my s8+ orchid grey.

David John Balce says:

Hey! Somegadgetguy, is there any chance that you'll be reviewing the Asus Zenfone AR or the next iteration of the Zenfone? By the way, I'm a fan of your work! I like it how you dig deep into your reviews. Keep up the good work!

Dom Andrei says:

update .. I got the S8+ for 2 days by now .. the fingerprint scanner is not that hard to reach (you just have to know where to put your finger) personally I love the iris scanner , if you set it up properly (don't open up your eyes to much when you set it up, stay in a natural position, keep your face normal so the phone can register your"normal"look, not some strange Picasso face:))) it will work all the time with no problems ..

Davor Hrga says:

juan, play the same game on different resolutions and measure how much time it takes to discharge battery from 100% to 5% (or 1%)

AnandTech says:

I want your junk to molest me.

The Rogue One says:

where i can get that phone you use juan😭

cece says:

what stylus are you using ?

KING 88 says:

I didn't think u were acting tho

George Bedrin says:

fingerprint​s don't show up on the silver vesion that much

killa12222 says:

Watching this on my s8+! Goodbye Note 3 :'(

Johannes Berglund says:

I use iris scanner it eaiser and fast

Shaker Chabarekh says:

You are the first to mention that difference in the actual area of the display. Due to the taller aspect, diagonal measures are significantly different, you should make a video explaining it

Joey Hisatake says:

wow what a beautiful phone

gmax876 says:

What stylus are you using?

davidcpd says:

You guys never see, how much possibilities it has with android in terms of functionalities so much easy and simply has more a lot, you can transfer all media stuff without itunes or third app for pc or mac and you don't have to (pay for it), you don't need the jailbreak for an android phone, you can share your screen to your smart tv, has nfc without lock not like iphone, you can change your icons font or whatever, it can charge without cables, fast charge one hour and half and on the other side 3 hours and a half (I have one), has more battery, beautiful screen edges and 4k resolution, one of the best camera and microphones, 64 gb with the cheapest one, unlimited backup with samsung.
What you guys more need…
Only stuff like apple be yourself, be marketing….
And 150 dollars earpods not comparable with iphone earpods and (durables) same as charger.

أحمد حميدان says:

please do an audio review on the exynos model.And pleeeease compare it to the (exynos) model of the s7 edge as this is the model sold around the world and you are a worldwide expert so that will probably interest more than half of your audience

Mike Kern says:

Thumbs down…misleading subject line.

I was expecting to see how the phone is used in a 24 hour period. From waking up to an alarm, replying to a few texts or emails from overnight or before getting on front of a computer, checking social media, using it to navigate to work or school, using it throughout the day (music, YouTube or other entertainment) and then back home, ordering dinner or making reservations and then eventually winding down the day.

Arthur Cheung says:

Hi, may I know the name of the stylus that was used in this Video?

Dutch Noh says:

FYI you can use the figure print scanner to activate the Notification shade like on the pixel.. You stated you couldn't!!

kotan80 says:

Why not Jaime?

Aziz Rodriguez says:

Watching this on my Galaxy s8+.

Collette Brown Rogers says:

Which stylus are you using In this video?

XCALI3UR says:

Pause it on 6:15 and 6:20….tell me thats not a manufacturer defect around the camera and fingerprint reader.

Icy_ Hyoudou says:

I have a question. How good is the s8's palm rejection on the screen's edges? Becuase I feel that holding the phone naturally would be an issue for some, like myself, without a case or skin on it.

Vernon Warren says:

I really enjoy your reviews

martin karlsson says:

what is that pen? please tell me

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