5 Minutes on Tech – Surface Laptop and Surface Pro 5

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Lisa Gade goes hands-on with the upcoming 2.76 lb. super slim Microsoft Surface Laptop and talks about what it brings to the table— features, price, colors and pen capability but no pen in the box. Many asked Microsoft to build a traditional laptop, and now that it’s here, is it what we wanted? Then there’s Windows 10 S, the new version of the OS that only runs Windows UWP (Live Tile app store) apps and is included with Surface Laptop. On the convertible front, Panos Panay the Surface head has said there’s no Surface Pro 5 (but don’t panic).


AthensStyle says:

Wow love this! ❤

Dan N says:

Does this mean the Surface Book line is discontinue? Or is Surface Laptop a brand new line ?

Daniel Martin says:

Hi Lisa, when are you going to get an ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490 for review?

Prometheus says:

They asked STUDENTS. Students don't use USB C.

PizzaProGaming says:

i honestly think microsoft is presenting this laptop only because it was announcing windows 10s, and to introduce spiked negative reception to benefit in 2 ways.

#1: this is going to cause significant sales with their partners, benefiting microsoft, cause people don't choose anything but windows when selecting an OS (outside of OSX)

#2: this is creating massive hype for a new surface pro 5, since people will see it as a frigin holy grail at this point, even if it only has USB-C on it.

either way, microsoft is going to benefit significantly.

blondre3000 says:

Wow, do you channel Jim Carrey's character "Chip" from the cable guy on every video or just this one? It's like trying to follow a 12 year old with ADD reviewing something.

taranicole says:

Fabric keyboard? Nah, I'll pass

MP The Law says:

Please review new Lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga ASAP! How many lanes do the thunderbolt 3 ports have?

James Lee says:

Why not just buy an i7 2 in 1 with a dedicated graphics card and 16gb ram for like 1K. Oh I forgot, you're buying the build quality. Gtfoh

Christopher Bathgate says:

Finally, a women tech reviewer

Jay Y says:

The Alcantara material is very very different from the material used in the normal Typecovers. It's far more durable and on the Surface Laptop, there is a polymer layer that makes it oleophobic and stain resistant. Alcantara is used on Ferrari steering wheels and seats, so it's definitely going to hold up to wear.

Also, Windows 10 S doesn't only run UWP apps from the store, it can also run any desktop app packaged for the store.

MLAM Specialty Gifts says:

Hi Lisa! Love all your videos! I was wondering if you could review a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12" 2in1 vs HP Spectre x360 convertible 15" if you haven't done so already? Which would be a better buy if we're looking for a tablet/ laptop?

Mr. O says:

Lisa is the best!

Ashfaq Khan says:

is she the same woman from the big bang theory season1

10tenman10 says:

Don't think I would buy this. I recently purchased an HP Envy x360 13 16 GB 1TB (through Costco). Not delivered yet but pricepoint quite attractive ($1,300+tax).

matt donlan says:

The Soft touch fabric is nice in the winter like on the Surface Pro's but I don't like it when its hot outside at all, def strange choice but glad to see Microsoft thinking differently

Brian Berkes says:

POS… for a little more you could get a much better laptop….

TheAndrew0085 says:

Looks nice, gonna be hard to compete with apple for that i5 256 gb model though. I think I hear a smackdown incoming!

digwillhachi says:

what a useless product lol

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