A $20 Fully Functional Smartphone? Walmart Family Mobile Alcatel PIXI 4 Review

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Buy it at Walmart : http://lon.tv/muv2k (affiliate link) – Got $20? You can get a fully function smartphone that can also work as a tablet without having to be activated. See more low cost phones: http://lon.tv/smartphones and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:29 – Hardware overview
00:32 – Display quality
00:58 – Carrier locked to Walmart’s phone service
01:10 – Phone works as a tablet without carrier activation
01:38 – Specs: RAM, Processor, Storage
01:57 – Supports SD card adoptable storage
02:11 – Supports LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth
02:41 – Buttons and connectors
02:53 – Cameras and photo / video quality
03:02 – Front camera
03:20 – Photo samples
03:44 – Video sample
03:56 – SIM card, Micro SD card, removable battery
04:24 – Battery life
04:57 – Performance: Web browsing
05:55 – Performance: YouTube and video streaming
06:12 – Speaker quality
06:27 – Gaming: Minecraft
06:58 – Gaming: Super Mario Run
07:28 – 3DMark Benchmark Results
07:47 – Retro Emulation performance
08:16 – Conclusion and final thoughts

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I was surprised by how functional this phone is for its very low price. It can be a somewhat decent alternative to a more expensive iPod Touch.

Clearly Walmart is subsidizing the cost with the hope that those purchasing it will sign up for their mobile prepaid service. As such the phone is locked to Walmart Family Mobile if you want to use its LTE network connection. But it does not require purchasing a sim card for it to work.

All in this is a decent albeit slow mobile phone. Definitely a good value for the price but won’t compete with more expensive unlocked phones.

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Lon.TV says:

ERRATA: I know a million of you will correct me so I am going to pin this to let you know I know :). It's indeed running Android 6 Marshmallow not Lollipop as I may have said.

ihave7sacks says:

Looks about as responsive as a HTC wildfire i had once . . . Useless.

Linked Designs says:

could you try streaming games from your PC to that phone via moonlight?

Ann Elisabeth says:

Definitely a good choice for travelers who have phones that don't work in the US, IF it works prepaid.

Nate Fleming says:

I had to live with the pixi 4 for 2 weeks after my g3 blue screened. it surprised me how well it functioned. that is, minus the keyboard lag

Farhad Persian says:

great review. well done sir

John Squarez says:

I bought 3 alcatel pixi unite for 7.35 a piece at walgreens

nitelite78 says:

Decent for a back up.

Tom Tom says:

It's more innovative than the iPhone 7 so that's nice

Kozmikōcēlōtl says:

ouch 1 gig ram. For today's standards you need at least 2 gigs of RAM to run things smoothly.

Phillip Ireland says:

Really nice phone for $20! Got so many features that more expensive phones cut out to 'save space and save money'.

ray ray says:

If you live in america just get a used G3 on eBay for $50 they're everywhere.

SDSakuragi says:

And I thought my Chinese import phone was cheap LOL XD

gumball says:

every body is LON !!!

Jeanmartin Freites says:

So $20 can get you a solid enough phone. What an age we live in.

GamingWingIIZZ says:

1:45 lolipop 6.0

Justin Williams says:

You should check out the ZTE Max XL on Boost for $100.

Richard Champness says:

the problem is they stick 512mb of ram on them android can not run productively on 512mb ram

Corbin Davenport says:

1:45 – You said Android 6.0 Lollipop, I think you meant Android 6.0 Marshmallow 😛

965874 years ago says:

1:47 lollipop 6.0 whaaaaaat you absolutely murdered android

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