Amazon Fire Phone Review: Right Phone, Wrong Price

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Its price tag might be all wrong, but the Amazon Fire Phone still gets a lot right as the vanguard of a new platform. Be sure to catch our full written review, available August 1 at!

GAMES FEATURED: “Alpha Wave,” “F18 Carrier Landing II,” and “Airplane!”


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  • bilal ahmad

    ya mbl kaea ha

  • jamal kamran

    how much is the price?

  • RyanWake bradtelle

    for long time prime users, I think a 10 extra $ a month price should be enough to get a free Amazon Fire Phone and then more for data

  • Unregistered Hypercam 2


  • nokia 3310

    but my note 7 has fire os

  • mateus marques

    esse celular parece ser dificil de mexer!

  • nur aliah

    where can I have this phone?

  • Einari Ihalainen

    michael fisher. i find him everywhere xddd.

  • Samuel Coughlin

    If this had the google play store, It'd be perfect.

  • Icy_ Hyoudou

    who tf paid $649 for this shit? absolutely disgusting in price. I wouldn't even pay the $199 for it. maybe, for it being unlocked. that's prepaid looking shit. glass, and plastic pukes

  • Adrepixl5

    it kinda looks like the new google pixel and pixel xl…. ODD

  • Malik Fahad

    any one tell me about amazon 1 smart phone how to do software flash file or firmware any one plzzzzzz tell me about it

  • Duaarshad Arshad

    Excellent phone

  • NikoliZZer

    An Android phone with none of the app support? Pass faster than light.

  • Matt

    2 years after the review, I still have one.
    Upgrading to Oneplus 3 any day now (and before you hammer me about the Axon 7, in the UK it's over £500 = $653 so NO)

  • Matt

    Once I did the 'flick' at 1:38 (possibly a little too vigorously) and flicked the phone out of my hand… fail. It stayed intact though XD

  • redraymonds77

    what's the name of the game being played in the video?

  • gabanciano

    I'm a simple man. I see Michael Fisher, i'll press like.