Amazon Fire Phone Review

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Amazon isn’t just an online retailer anymore selling goods and products, that’s perfectly obvious. Oh no. As we’ve seen in the last several years, they’ve conquered their industry so intelligently – to the point that it was only logical to branch out to other areas that would move the company forward in being more profitable. Now, they have their hand in various places, like online music and video streaming, as well as in consumer electronics with the Kindle line of tablets and eReaders.
Not long ago, back during the holiday season of 2011 to be exact, Amazon entered the just-then bubbling tablet market. As history has shown, their gamble to enter the space proved fruitful, seeing that the Kindle tablets offered consumers a versatile working tablet that competed well with its aggressive low cost. After sitting quiet for a long time, they made the decision to enter the smartphone market.


Justin Bruno says:

watching on the fire phone but it is really laggy at times, u have a limited variety to apps on the Amazon store So no apps like chrome, YouTube, snapchat ect. But the screen and camera are decent and so is the front camera

Bakht Jamal says:

Sorry friend you can change any setting from this place in Amazon
Applications & Parental Controls > Configure Amazon application settings >
You can either change you default search engine to google.

Assadullah Solangi says:

Fire Phone or Nexus 4? Which one should I go for?

Ben A says:

"Die young" indeed…

Orkhan NAGHIYEV says:

Hey guys does it have notification light ?

American Eagle says:

lol those people who think their 80-200 dollar fire phones where good price…20 dollars baby.

javier jaimes says:

I bought 3 units today october 12/2015 in ebay new and unlocked for only $80…each…just..$80 !!! with 32gb storage, processor snapdragon800 + 2gb ram, better than this configuration, at that price, and with this hardware, you do not find!!! at that price endure any defects! or switch os to Cyanogenmod 11 and ready! As fast as a s5! the price is a gift!

Clous von says:

flicking your phone is the dumbest feature ever, it's like they want you to break it

Priscila L says:

I like my samsung better

Bobbish plumbis says:

i have the fire-phone, its very high quality + i got it unlocked for only 199$, you will feel the high end materials right away 

Melissa Harlan says:

Does anyone if this phone can be used with a samsung gear?

aadarsha vaidya says:

i just cant beleave it its just the same as the iphone except the volume and the camera ………
id never though that  amazon can be a dam shit frod ….who 

Nathaniel Martin says:

THERES NO EMOJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

newlogic says:

someone please tell john v to shorten his sideburns. he looks like a fucking idiot with long sideburns.

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