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Ximena volunteers her phone to try out the high-tech mesh iPhone case- that Andmesh kindly sent us to try out. With a mesh phone case you can still enjoy the color and finish of your phone through the mesh and the heat that your phone creates can escape.

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Wubble Bubble filled with water? Don’t try this at home!-


Charity Colley says:

Ximena is so pretty and that was I great review

thatcrazyjack says:

If you have any problems with an OtterBox case just called them. They will send you a new case just for the cost of shipping. My daughter had a clear case from OtterBox that turned yellow. She called them and they sent her a brand-new case

Mallorie B Tucker says:

Please do more iPhone reviews

Kelii Yamashita says:

Please review the Yeti or Ozark Trail can coozie. Thanks… I think Ozark Trail is $7 at Walmart.



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