Anybody with a Rs.500 phone can make a review : SV Sekar Interview | Vishal, Nadigar Sangam,

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We caught up with SV Sekar to ask him about his opinion on the Nadigar Sangam court case, the latest debate about movie reviewers and MORE in this IndiaGlitz EXCLUSIVE interview. WATCH NOW!

SV Sekar is a Tamil playwright, film actor and a renowned comedian. He currently serves as one of the members of Central Board of Film Certification.

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  • Bas Karan

    poda nayee katchivittu katchi thavara nayee uthamanatta pesura

  • raghuveer prabhakar

    Good speech Sir..

  • Chris Dav

    Sir, சில உண்மைகளை யதார்தமா சொல்லுறிங்க.., நாடகக்கலை மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துகள் !!

  • Natarajan Thirunageswaram

    S. Ve. Shekar is a dignified and decent person. He does not talk disrespectful of political opponents.He gives respect to everyone irrespective of financial status. He is a rare person in Tamil Nadu in the current political situation.

  • S.E. Kuzhali

    I am not a big fan of cinema, I feel your speeches are good and more appropriate to the current situations​. l hope you can do more good in politics for the suffering of people.

  • Linish Prasad

    Because of that 500 Rs mobile review i was saved from watching ur Legend Sons movies…

  • Truth Alone Triumphs

    I would like to see "Thathup pillai". On listening audio, I still see the political situation same in TN, even after so many years.

  • Vanniyar Desam

    10 rooba kuduthu ticket eduthu padam patha avan kooda review pannalam….mooditu poo…..

  • sangeetha sebasty

    sir you are always chief minister in our hearts .

  • sangeetha sebasty

    we like you sir

  • Padma Kumar

    Anyway BLUESATTAI review rocks 💥💥💥

  • Chellamani mani

    He is no one stupid pasted
    He always talk depending on situation who will give money
    Better to give your ash pasted