Apple iPhone 5c Review & Unboxing! (All Colors)

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Apple iPhone 5c Review & Unboxing! (All Colors)

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Does the iPhone 5c stand for cheap? Find out in my detailed review and unboxing!

Apple iPhone 5c Unboxing & Review! (All Colors)

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Feb Keenen Pamaong says:

I have iphone 5 until now hahahahaha but i want to have SE so i will save money everyday for it

Shaywan Bass says:

Can I have the iPhone

Ashton Productions says:

How do you get all those phones?! Does Apple offer it?

Davor Makivić says:

Deliver me white

jaxon 1157 says:

sub to me if you are watching in 2017



MCPE MBTA stuff & more HERNANDEZ says:

Look at the box lol


I never knew there where so awesome lookin

Becky's Lífe! says:

I'm getting an iPhone 5c but what colour should I get

colby wilson says:

I have a blue one

How to retard says:

Im looking for a nice feel to the phone im buying a blue iphone 5c off ebay and switching the sim card from my SE to my 5c

Max Moxlee says:

Does anyone know how much is the cheapest price in the philippines? I'm planning on getting the white or blue one one my salary comes even though my salary is only low ( minimum ) and I REALLY REALLY REALLY DESPERATELY WANT ONE SO FREAKING BAD, thanks a lot whoever will reply,

Aleyah _ says:

where did he buy dis at?

Emily Holloway says:

Do they have the iPhone 5c in gold

Noob the Noob says:

I put my iPhone in air plane mode and threw it ………. it didn't fly………

Liarna Robins says:

+Lori Reece totally agree

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