Apple iPhone 5s in 2016 / 2017? [Review]: Should you buy this phone now?

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iPhone 5s in 2016/2017? Well, Apple iPhone SE has launched, but iPhone 5s is now much cheaper… So should you be buying the 5s? SyD reviews this popular smartphone, years after its launch. Watch and know, if you should be buying the iPhone 5s in 2016/2017… We talk about its design, display, camera, performance, competition and all pros & cons.

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Filip Z says:

a5 2k16 :)))))))))))))))))))))) better same price

Rohit Salunke says:

5s has the best design .Those who complain it is not a good mobile they are wrong this is the best apple mobile for me

Teri Lastovicz says:

iphone 5s is the best.

Nitesh sharma says:

Veey nice bro and its very helpful

akshay Desale says:

u r to good because of u i buy iPhone 5s thank u..

Shubham Dhanak says:

not so much good channel. kabhi hindi kabhi english

austin hansch says:

I just bought one and switched over from sprint to cricket

Monty Singh says:

give me video on video plzzz bro

Monty Singh says:

how to slide receive phn to decline or ans. mode when phn is locked

Swatala Yangda says:

i phone 5 and I phone5s..are best design ever

Sayan Mukherjee says:

Thanks bro.

kunal singh Rajput says:

this review was really helpful. relevant information and best suggestion.

GG303 //GreatGZ303 says:

My iPhone 5s will Arrive in 3/26
I buyed it on Amazon

savage q says:

Iphone 5s is smaller than a 10yr old's dick

Roopam Das says:

very very thank you

Shanice Veillard says:

it's 2017.

Should I buy brand new iPhone 5s for $99 or refurbished iPhone 6 plus for $249???

Dev Nath Verma says:

is 4g work in

Dev Nath Verma says:

bro grt so will i buy it….in 2017….

kavi arasu says:

is it worth in 2017

elizabeth cranch says:

they are now 100 dollars at refurbished or 130 with a month phone card and brand new for 150 in stores! just ordered mine the other day can't wait to get and now since there newer phones amazon and eBay small putter box cases cheaper just got a camo one usually 30/40 new for a 10 brand new and took two days to get with free shipping!

Muzammil Nawaz says:

Who else watching on 5s in 2k17

Archit Mehta says:

Where in the world one can find this in 200$ ?

amitparuthi123 says:

800$ smart phone in 200$… wait for another 2 years then in 100$…50$..10$ also…..

Abiram S says:

is buying now this phone is good idea? I will kepp this phone for 2 months… Will it HAVE GOOD EXCHANGE VALUE?

Astrylux says:


Alex bruce says:

Did apple manufacturing Iphone 5s.?
how can I get orginal 5ss or recognize..?

Im_A_Perv says:

I love you man.

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