Apple iPhone 5s Review

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As history has shown us, we’re in one of those years where Apple decides to retain the styling and design of its previous iPhone, and simply spices things up in the specs department, as well as throwing in some other new goodies into the mix. In this particular case, the iPhone 5s brings forth a fancy schmancy new fingerprint scanner called Touch ID, a first of a kind 64-bit based Apple A7 mobile processor, and an updated iSight camera with larger sized pixels. Beyond the hardware goodness in tow with the iPhone 5s, it’s also sporting Apple’s biggest undertaking yet, iOS 7, which has been a long time coming…


Damien Osullivan says:

is the battery

Malathi laxman says:

iPhone <3

Sam Scott says:

Can't wait for my iPhone 5s. Getting it tomorrow

jdavis234 says:

stwwoong bwwwiteness

SB/ HD says:

5s is the best looking iphone

Bienvenu Isidor says:

where did u get that wallpaper

leisuretvnbcc says:

samsung j7 or 5s? please help me 2016

leisuretvnbcc says:

samsung j7 or 5s? please help me 2016

Aldea Mangaliman says:

I miss this fast 5s because of the iOS 7 ­čÖü

Delores McEachern says:

Do this phone have notification light?

The-terminator says:

Who else misses Cover Flow?

Michael Buncher says:

Does anyone know where to get that wallpaper?

LeatherRocket25 - says:

5s or a5(2016)????

Fabian Hernanda says:

iPhone 5s iOs 9

Shri Vathsan says:

is that good for gamers

_the.kixxdo says:

Sony m4 or iphone 5s

Ayon Sengupta says:

This is in my opinion the best aiPhone design, better than the new series, it has those professional looking high quality glass and aluminium design with sharp edges, wonderful phone

Maruf Ahmed says:

How much storage do we get from a 16gb model..? Like in the first boot

Muhammad Shoaib says:

does making apple id requires money???

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