Apple iPhone 5s Review!

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iPhone 5s Review – Apple’s flagship from a Googler’s perspective!

iPhone 5s (Unlocked):

iPhone 5s Camera Photos:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5



Tamir DrawUp says:

still rocking with 5s in 2017

Veritas Erro says:

Just bought one lol and it's 2017

Gary Des says:

Got the iPhone 5s free can it pause in video

viresh talkar says:

should I take iPhone 5s in 2018?

TGF& RES says:

I can't even afford a normal Nokia phone

Shahaaim says:

I'm still using this phone. Haha!

Anthony Leonard says:

bought mine's a few days ago don't have it with me yet it's delivered to my mom's house but from looking at these comments I feel as if I made a very good choice on my first iPhone! plus the others are a bit pricey can afford it but then I'll be broke right after smh

Rafid hassan oney says:

I Still think this was the best Iphone !

Saqib Aamer says:

I'm a Hardcore Android Guy and I regard the iPhone5S "The first and Probably Last Sensible iPhone". I don't Intend a War here tho

Faisal Yaqoob says:

*buys the 5s in 2017 because I can't afford to pay almost $500 for a phone

leeloutheriot92 says:

subscribed! I love this video! you give lots of information about the phone and also give a good comparison to other phones.

sade says:

*doesn't buy the iphone 5s because there are way better options on the market

Paul Rhodes says:

can you upgrade to the latest software/operating systems

Boss Kidd says:

You sound like a White Person bro!!!

ADAM.B says:

some dumbass sold me an iPhone 5s for 50 dollars

Aubree Bradburyy says:

im 11 and im gettin the iphone 5s its perfect

info nomi says:

thanks dear

Ajeet Kumar says:

ajeet kumar


I cannot afford 6s so 5s

Cedric West says:

2k17 and still here because 6s or 7 are out of reach! poor me

Nitin Chauhan says:

The homescreen animation is so awesome. Why not wait for it to finish lol 😬

edo c says:

Who's watching this in 2025?

Jaevon Andrews says:

So if I bought the iPhone 5s in 2017 how much would I pay

Marcus Sasi says:

What your keyboard name ????

mshomefire says:

Nokia 6310i is making a come back. come back to a mobile house phone 😉

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