Apple iPhone 6 in 2017 [Review] : Should you buy this phone now?

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iPhone 6 Review in 2017? Well, Apple iPhone 7 is out , but Apple iPhone 6 is now a lot cheaper… So should you be buying the iPhone 6? SyD reviews this popular smartphone, years after its launch. Watch and know, if you should be buying the iPhone 6 in 2017… We talk about its design, display, camera, software, performance, competition and all pros & cons in this full review!

iPhone 6 price in india : Rs 28,000

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Ameya Chavan says:

this video clearly helped me 😀 and yes i am gonna buy a Iphone 6 in 2017 😀

XXtheJUMPoffXX says:

Borat is that you?


the sad this is I went to go buy the 7 taking my time to walk to the store whiles my sister was fast walking in front of me .. the funny thing is she got the last iPhone 7 and they 6 was the only one left so I had to get it 😢

Avneet Shah Singh says:

Great explanation bro!!👍👍

Nitesh Ogha says:

kon hai bhai tu

Ваня Куприн says:

Restored IPHONES at the most affordable price directly from the factory Here you go

Muhammad Docrat says:

fuck this….im a get a tablet or pc


nice review am satisfied and now finally going to buy
I phone 6

Himanshu Gautam says:

one plus 3t vs i phone 6 front camera

Gautam Hiwale says:

I have been using iPhone 6 since 1 month now & I can say that it is awesome phone. People go for it.

Deepesh Shah says:

check.out marques brownlee to knw how to review

Deepesh Shah says:

u can do better than this

Deepesh Shah says:

lol are u reviewing or giving ur opinions on buying or not

techno soni says:

should i buy a used iPhone 6 i am getting it in 21k just 3 months used

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