Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review

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The Verge reviews the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s new hybrid between smartphone and tablet, the iPhone 6 Plus can do much more than you’ve ever done on an iPhone.

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XionGaming says:

where do you get it for 300

Shihab Farah says:

I have i phone 6+ .. the problem is gray lines appear on upper screen .. and touch device does not work for a period .. The agent refuses to replace the phone , he say maintenance contract is
Expired.. Note that every body know that is manufacturing defect

Zepphyrr says:

just got the 6 plus. was thinking about the 7 but the no headphone jack was a deal breaker. i use it way too often still and i would probably lose the little cable for the headphone jack on the 7 anyway. and the 6s plus was much cheaper anyway.

Nikash Vinoth says:

iPhone 6 Plus is for the Apple fans who need an 5.5 display
It is a huge hit now

Noah Bach-Wall says:

If you're a frequent traveller, this phone is a no-brainer. Why!? Did I miss something? Care to ellaborate?

Queen Jai says:

Who else fangirled when they saw Beyonce?

Zain Muhammad says:

Literally everything Apple can do Samsung can do better but there are hundreds of things Samsung can do that Apple can't. Suck more of Apple's dick verge.

Shivani Mattu says:

All these bitches hate iPhones but wtf are they DOING here then…. ?….FOOLS

Jonathan Chen says:

i actually like the antenna bands, makes the iphone more… advanced

Daniel McNeary says:

Why does people say that this phone looks like the HTC One M8/M9? The iPhone and HTC One look NOTHING alike, aside from the fact that they're both made from aluminum.

Daniel McNeary says:

Too many Android fanboys

Sean porter says:

I was an android enthusiastic until my iPhone 6 plus felt just as smooth as my s6 edge which is a year newer smh

the junkie reviewer says:

I was on the floor when he said apples screen is more accurate I guess he never heard of basic mode.

Fawzi Mokhtar VV22681035 says:

Nice review form iphone 6 plus

RockR Mcpe says:

I think the iphone 6 is more better than iphone 6 plus in Calling and Talking !

Faheem Reegu says:

F*** samsung…iphone is 100% better than samsung

Reuben Mathew says:

Goo lefties!

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