Apple iPhone 6 Review

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The Verge reviews the iPhone 6, the biggest iPhone yet. How does the iPhone change when the it gets bigger?

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Aquilynn! says:

I use my phone to make calls

smilers says:

the only thing i hesitated to change from android to iphone is the battery

Toni Vasilev says:

200$ Iphone 6 ???

Ayush Jatav says:

bay me 1 iPhone 6

Ayush Jatav says:

bay me 1 iPhone 6

John Nodoe says:

Buttons suck

Goran Kurolini says:

Android mmmmm…

Sherry Fordham says:

Jesus video to put on my father Jesus Christ

Priyankagaba khazanchi says:

best review .thanks

Jesse K says:

I dropped my iPhone 6 down 2 flights of stairs and the screen didn't get damaged i had this shitty case

Balwant Singh says:

Hello bahi jio good enough

bakar billionaire says:

I heard HTC m8 yay my phone

fayaz syedz says:

well who will help in buying iphone 6 which costs 299 dollars i'm from INDIA u guys please help me to buy this iphone 6

Jesse K says:

I'm going to have a heart attack omg all these comments

Jesse K says:

So many people hating on Apple yet they make hella load of money

Nate Z says:

"Get a drink and drive to the game?"

Arnoldo Turcios says:

who else watching this with their new iphone (;

bubbleLoppicus says:

What ever happened o this guy? I actually like his reviewer voice.

John Nodoe says:

Fix the buttons typing sucks

Rylan Miller says:

I ordered one today, It will be here by the 7th! yay

Thot Spotter says:

when he said good battery life

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