Apple iPhone 6 Review!

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iPhone 6 review. Apple’s flagship from a Googler’s perspective!

Apple iPhone 6 (Unlocked):

dBrand iPhone 6 skin:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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Валдис Бурсулис says:

Что сказать, телефон что надо! НЕ залочен, все работает, поддержка операторов и тп. и главное вменяемые чего-то там 270 бачей! Карл! Ссылку оставляю тк не всем под силу этот квест с поисками. Пользуйтесь братья и сестры и прибудет мир в ваши дома!

Chocolate vanilla peanut Channel says:

I'm gonna buy iPhone 6 tomorrow..

DORAEMON mới nhất says:

đẹp quá.ước j mk có một cái😢

Soobin Lee says:

Stupid introduction

Raj Kumar says:

6:35 thats htc one M8 not N8

Ariana Grande says:

I'm 12 and i have an IPHONE 6

Alex Kemos says:

I have this phone since it came up. I am a super light user.. just using
it for a couple of phonecalls and txts per day nothing more than that.
It seems that when it's cold, around 0c it turns off by itself and
doesn't work until it's warmer. Needs to be charged almost every day.
The software seems to do funny things like flashing my screen out of
nowhere or act like it's in silence mode while it's not.. Very
disappointed for it's price. I wouldn't buy it again for sure.

Tech at Ultimate says:

who is watching in 2017


why is this guy so black

Odin's Son says:

Alright..recently I bought and received my iPhone and sorry for being so blunt but what total BRAINWASHED INTO WASTING MY MONEY CRAP!..Wow, the power of advertising is astonishing.I can see how kids can easily be fooled into such a neon poster joke… But hey, we live and we learn.

Tom Anderson says:

Do not buy an Apple product I have a six ass that is under recall for the battery I have to drive 50 miles each way to get the phone repaired and then it may not be ready that day or I can mail to them they will not let me bring it to an authorized dealer to fix probably avoid Apple at all cost

Ahmad Yozsy says:

you black magic

gta minecraft entertainment pc gaming says:

i wished i had iphone 6 gold i am buying one on may or july

Купить не дорого Apple iPhone 6 Двухъядерный IOS says: – Things to buy Apple iPhone 6 at a great price! – Успей купить Apple iPhone 6 по супер цене!

ZeroBeatTv says:

"having 100% battery and forgett to charge it…" charge what dude?

Erikha Villagracia says:

Watching this in 2017 and I'm thinking if I should buy it next month

anna johnson says:

should I be getting the iphone 6 in 2017?

Andrew Thompson says:

is this still a good phone in 2017 I had a 6s Last year but can't afford to replace it I would get the 5s or SE but I really don't like that design

Declen Davis says:

Is it still good to buy this phone in 2017?

John Nodoe says:

Cool phone buttons suck

Adria says:

I'm trying to save up for one to get it by Christmas. Is it worth it?

JustinBieberVEVO Oo says:

Anyone 2017 thinking to buy this one now 😂

Steven Ring says:

i didn't know you had a broken hand in this vid mkbhd

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