Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case Review

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I picked up a new Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus and since I had not used one for some time, I decided it was time for a simple review.

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Cactus Tweeter says:

I use the RhinoShield on my iPhone 7+.

Kenny Rene says:

LifeProof. Though it'd pricey you get dust proof and waterproofing as well. But this looks nice too! 😎

Apps for iPhone Pandey says:

Why u don’t have more subscribers than you deserve ..
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JerTheGeek says:

My fav case for my 7+ Looks great, feels great, and wears nicely. Even though I've dropped it multiple times the leather "heals" quite nicely and it adds a cool unique look to the case

iPhone Edition says:

BTW, can I ask you a question?
I want to turnoff my iCloud Photo Library, but I want the photos on my iPhone to stay unmoved , and delete all the photos on the ICloud , what should I do? Should I just turn that 'iCloud photo library 'button off?

iPhone Edition says:

I got tan color one for my gold iPhone 7 plus lol I love it ever since I put it on. They were just meant to be together lol

Ramu Kunwar says:

Well… buy anything accessories and did video. Trying mad to people. 😂

Sergio Serra says:

Am I the only one who had experienced some issues with the iPhone 6S Silicone Case from Apple? I mean, the case is great, the best fitting my iPhone 6S (most of the cases branded for 6/6S don't really fit the 6S), but with time it started to lose its finish and the bottom corners facing the front of the case broke, leaving the inner plastic uncovered. I use to take the case on and off very often, but when I do I try to be delicate, so, is it me or is the case?

Mohamad Zulhelmi says:

I have the 6S Plus Leather Case in Brown since September 2015. It is no longer brown, stained dark brown, almost gross to really think about it. But i always go back to it even after I bought so many other cases because the case snugs tightly and feels premium even after almost 2 years now. Downside is the cutout below, where 100% of the scratches that I have are located there.

Milo Ven says:

Dark color ones are always better I have red and the fats from your fingers makes it dark on the edges. And it stays there the more you rub the more it shows.

Antonove says:

I picked up a saddle brown case a few months back and I absolutely love it. The colour on it has darkened and the case looks better now than it did new.

Bryan says:

Another nice minimalist case is the spigen thin fit. They come in all of the iPhone 7 colors and are $9.99 on Amazon. Worth doing a review on in my opinion

Francisco Gurdian says:

I do use leather case for a while in my iPhones and are pretty good. Over time I want to remove the case, but I don't want to damage my pristine iPhone. So the lucky one is the next user for my iPhone.

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