Apple iPhone 7 Review

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Is the iPhone 7 a real improvement over the 6s, or is Apple just fiddling around a bit, tweaking design here and there while swapping in a few new parts? Let’s find out.

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Phillip Hustava says:

Very biased review. Upgrades were mediocre at best. Waiting for the iPhone 8 to upgrade my 6s

technoguy says:

It's called an opinion people lol I don't think people, especially android fanboys, understand the meaning of "opinion". Yes, they exist. But just because other people like iPhones doesn't mean you have too to. Get over. It's not a fact that one is better than the other.

Swarnadip Bhowmik says:

phone arena sucks

Dan Dicristina says:

Hey phone Ariana I love android I had the galaxy s7 now I have the iPhone 7 I like the iPhone 7 more than the galaxy s7 the iPhone 7 is less buggy and apps do not crash like on android i do wish iPhone had an sd card slot and a bigger screen like the galaxy s7 I Medan the iPhone 7 is the same size as the galaxy s7

ravi kiran says:

Issue: Poor battery life

Battery life for the iPhone 7 should be a lot better than it was for the iPhone 6S, thanks to a larger battery and the more efficient A10 Fusion chip. For most people, that does seem to be the case, but we’ve also seen some complaints about rapid battery drain, with more recent complaints resulting from the iOS 10.2 update.

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Nicholas Werle says:

@phonearena Been following you for years. A few things. Why the fuck are the iphones in the tree? Why the fuck is the iphone on the dirty, wet pavement? And the guy's pimple near his mouth almost made me throw up. Couldn't he have waited a few days? Haha sorry to be so harsh but all sound obvious to me.

marksapollo says:

The camera is crap, this is like all the other reviews and fail to fully test the phone, the camera suffers from dolour smearing and a LOT of noise, you cannot zoom into any picture you take because of the noise, and that's with photos taking outside in the daylight! It's crap, for the privacy very very crap. I've had two iPhone 7 now and my iPhone 6S with iOS 9 was far far far better.

Nicolae Glangiulae says:

man before making a phone review cut your damn nails

Eduardo Martinez says:

one hour screen on time? well over an hour? I didn't realize he was biased until he said that my phone gets well over 4 hours and I thought it ran out fast, man the 7 needs a battery upgrade

Lola Rose says:

i wish there was still space grey omg

Aaron Bueno says:

he looked lesbian

Saubhagya Kc says:

your accent is so sharp and edgey haha.

Jason Rodriguez says:

apple sucks and this guys review sucks ass too

Danny eldridge says:

I think the camera looks somewhat garish

Danny eldridge says:

Steven I wondered where the hell you'd got to.

imdasij says:

People Are wierd android and iPhone is a fucking smartphone stop being so aggressive and fight over a phone all of Them have the same technology on the inside anyways and all smartphones is really not that diffrent from eachother lol

Edward Marshall says:

Wake function threaten xkkgnd employer wine.

David Hoxie says:

New IPhone 7 now you can get very simple

Omar Sami says:

+PhoneArena people have been testing their iphone 7 read and write speed of different storage and it seems the 128 gb and 256 gb versions have higher write and read speed.
can you make a videos comparing the 32gb vs 128gb vs 256gb performance and Battey life

Marinko Agić says:

howmeny iphone you are get for free?

Mr ChickenFillet says:

Same design as last year.
The probable change to the home button and losing the headphone jack is to get the water resistant rating. Something that has been proven not needed to be removed by other manufacturers.
Screen is way behind the competition and that could be the reason why Apple phones are "snappier". The resolution doesn't need that much power. It might make sense in a mid-range phone, but not for a "flag-ship".
It's old tech in so many ways.

Ankur Gupta says:

Finally a review which isn't marketing the samsung phones and judging the iphone as a separate phone by itself.

Ali Bekir Kılıçkaya says:

In normal use I can see the fuking pixels of iPhones since iphone 5. I can't see any fucking pixel since Xperia Z, February 2013. QuadHD might be battery waster but Full HD is definitely lacking for a 600$ late 2016 flagship. Disliked the video try harder to justify lackluster specs more.

Miguel nunez says:

Apple's spokesman?

Julio César García Mendiola says:

0:03 fucking hell I thought you were Paul Dano on doughnuts.

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