Apple iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

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Unboxing and Review of the 7 vs 7 Plus with a comparison in all colors and an in-depth look at the hardware and features.

iOS 10 Video:







Prodigy Programmer says:

@DetroitBORG I love your videos!

Troy Elci says:

5:32 the proximity sensor blinked

Deanthony Jones says:

can I get one of the black one

achraf mhedbi says:

Hi new subscribers.😉

baby gamer says:

but how can you afford all this technology. you must be working hard

emma says:

i still dont know which color to get!!

Shamshad Reza says:

I m the king of king

Theo Mousky says:

Yesterday i Was to the Apple store to see the iPhones and after a few m. my dad give me the iPhone 7 black matte😭😊😊😊

Johnny Carpio says:

Anyone else watching this video with there iPhone 7?

Mikachu says:

I upgraded to a 7+ Matte black from a IPhone SE Rose gold!

Megan Hinton says:

you missed the 7 plus in rose gold

stomedy 2.0 says:

I'm getting an iPhone 7 today but I can't decide between matte black and jet black.

alsafaa الصفاء says:

in my opinion the gold is the best

iPhoneBreaker says:

Congrats on one million!

kiki lol says:

i don't know which color i should get the iphone 7! which one is better rose gold or matte black?

Elayna Butt says:

Hey people ? Recommend me that which one is more better? I-phone 7 , I-phone 7plus or I-phone6plus? (p.s : Specially if we talk about camera quality?

CY BEE says:

whos watching with s7 edge?

Novela Isabella Felle says:

This Promotion For iPhone ??


What's colour dammit?

the.boys.sqaud says:

if you still have the silver 7 plus and the rose gold 7, can mail it to me. I'm on my mom's phone, and I am very needy for a phone. hope you can send it to me.


ﻭﺍﻭ ﺑﻴﺪﻱ ﻭﺍﺣﺪ

joan cuesta says:

wow …,…I want that phone

Carolyn Hurling says:

I want iPhone 7 plus

Carolyn Hurling says:

Can you send me one plz I'm not doing well with money

Carolyn Hurling says:

Are they both water proof

Lyssa Lou says:

Is the iPhone 7 plus better than the regular iPhone 7?

E Girl says:

"water resistence"

Precious Ojiaku says:

I can't decide between the 7 plus in gold or matte black

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