Apple iPhone SE: Unboxing & Review

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Unboxing and review of the iPhone SE with an in-depth look at its design, features, camera, performance, gaming, battery and much more. Also includes a comparison to the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus.

Tech Specs:

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Kimberly Jane says:

My parents were kind enough to buy me and iPad when I was 10. I am turning 13 next month and I am supposed to get a new phone because they said so last yeah; but I don't know if my parents remember. Is this phone a good phone for me? And do u think they will buy it for me?

Michael Ruben says:

Annoying 9:41

R M says:

Great review Mike Sir!

Batman says:

I'm still using a iphone 5 lol

Jr Animator says:

i think apple should stick with 4" phones with that classic design.

Scott Karrasch says:

3 reasons I don't like iPhones
they may seem small but they are important for me
1. no expandable memory. I am a music Horder and I need more than just 64 GB of space.
2. I hate they way Apple groups photos your taken and images you've downloaded all onto the camera roll… keep them separate. a downloads folder should do. it's not that hard
3. I have already invested a fair bit in Google products and apps and switching to apple is like starting fresh.

Scott Karrasch says:

I kinda really want this phone as a backup.

Bob Fedak says:

iphone set up telephone message

The Apple Bashers says:

Let's go state

Urban Radio Hits says:

I was thinking either getting the OnePlus 3T, LG V20, or go back to the iPhone and get the SE.

Pablo Martinez says:

Detroitborg… The best unboxer and reviewer

janice Belice says:

in 2-3 days I'm getting a iphone se mailed into my house

Sharifah Syh says:

hi, should i get in space grey or rose gold?

Dakota Tube 2 says:

GREAT unboxing I'm watching on an iPhone SE

an emø smøl says:

oh, hey. look at that.

so guys, with this phone we wanna introduce something super original and revolutionary in the realm of technology. introducing…:


Stravinsky960 lalaki says:

did apple release case for the iphone se

Attack BigFoot says:

I miss IOS 9 on the iPhone 5, it worked so perfectly but ever since I updated to iOS 10 my iPhone 5 has been having issues with mainly my battery

DeadFrost says:

I wish apple would bring back the orange color like in the ibook I would love that

PokeSportXYZ says:

I'm going to get this for my 12th birthday!

TwEqq Edits says:

I want this

MammothYT - Tech Reviewer says:

Space Grey iPhone 5s,
White & Silver iPhone 5,
Back Shell of Gold iPhone 5s,
Rose Gold iPhone SE
Am I right?

Do Not Read My Banner says:

You can get tis of of Tesco Online For Free But You Have to pay £30 a month

Priyankagaba khazanchi says:

iPhone se or iPhone 6 ?? please suggest guys ?????


the se lagged at 5:51

Discover Things says:

You should unbox iphone se space grey

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