Assassin Jade Challenge (HARD). Review and Tips how beat BOSS Jade. MKX Mobile.

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Mortal Kombat X Mobile – Assassin Jade challenge review on Hard Difficulty. Jade is one of the best characters in MKX Mobile and her challenge is one of the hardest to beat, cause of her evading ability. Here is one of the strategies how to beat Assassin Jade boss. Some tips and Tricks and also a review of the Hard Assassin Jade challenge in MKX Mobile.

Normal Difficulty review:

Assassin Jade Review:

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StarInSky says:

Jeez, overreact much? I made this intro like a few weeks ago, don't like the intros just skip them, if you're unsubbing because of one intro I wonder why did you subscribe in the first place… Thanks for support guys, I;ll try to do "less gay" intros in the future)

Gabe PM says:

who care about the intros? the point is he is entertain us

StarinSky isAmazing says:

Hey StarinSky I was wondering how Happy Gamer works? How do you get the character in your account? THX

Ryan Ritter says:

You fucking ugly no one wants to see your face you dick

Hunni Bunch says:

what phone did you get because my tablet is shit and i need a new device to play this

Liu Kang 劉鋼 says:

Boss very easy

Pscho Gamer says:

intro wasnt gay it was trmitizing

Camaro1019 says:

Bunch of ungrateful pussies in the comments sections of your videos. He puts out daily content for the soul purpose of entertaining you and you hate on him for it. The intros are supposed to be cringe worthy. They're supposed to be retarded thats why they're original and hilarious. Develop a sense of humor already. theres so many jackasses in the comments I wouldn't even make videos anymore. With that being said, are you still sponsored by happy gamer? Their link isn't in your videos anymore.

Giovanni Tyre says:

Try this team jade, klassic LIU KANG , and tournament quan chi. Tag effects cause cripple and vampirism and jade cause op fast tagging.

Andre Melgoza says:

She's really easy to beat lmfao

Martin gaming says:

I just played against your team in factor wars

Isidro Reyes says:

lol this guy so funny

Cube Boy says:

Thx for help

Felix says:

That intro was cringe

Cube Boy says:

Cool , funny intro only positive no negative


Are you from Serbia?

Steevymcreevy says:

1793rd view

shawn delariarte says:

@Starinsky if you use Erron Black Gunslinger and tap 2 times while fighting you can keep on doing this combo until u get more bar. just tap 2 times then stop then do it over and over again. you gotta keep up with the rhythm. you can also do it with the triborg characters. PLZ REPLY 🙂

Jose Rodriguez says:

Starlnsky make injustice 2video please

Jose Rodriguez says:

Weird ass start of the vid

MLG Player360 says:


Landen Lombardo says:

if you say star is gay you have never seen o I don't know every YouTuber​ ever

MLGamingHQ says:

Do a really good jade team

7Darkknight7 says:

best strategy for jade x ray.

7Darkknight7 says:

best strategy for jade x ray.


Hey star in sky use triborg subzero he will freeze her with his combos and kill her

VortexxGaming says:

Skip to 1:20 if you don't want to cringe

Ritwik Chatterjee says:

StarInSky, I won't lie. The intro was kinda odd. Not hating, but Disturbing intros are also a thing. I laugh when it happens. XD

Rejhan Cefo says:

Stairinsky you should not care ther not real fans

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