ASUS ZenFone 2 Review: The Best Phone for Its Price

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The ZenFone 2 represents a big push from ASUS into the North American smartphone market – It’s got a premium look and flagship specs, at a much lower price point. So is it worth more than its price would suggest? … that’s… that’s why you watch the video.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Riley Murdock
Editor: Kalvin Shum / Riley Murdock


Ella Asis says:

that is my phone new phone and so automatically yeppy

nikil gowda says:

ausu zenfone 2 & 3 is a very very best smartphone

Mark Fischback says:

I saw this in a flyer once. and got it

Amber Willems says:

Wicled. Hey, what's ut? tendency believe % 1!

Distracted Observer says:

Purchased the Deluxe in September and I love it!
Best Phone I've ever owned. Sadly ASUS has yet to update to 5.1 loli.

DemonGod says:

Does it have Bluetooth and can you download Instagram to latest software

EatenGod says:

any chance this works with tracphone?

Farid Abedin says:

what is on screen time for browsing internet

LiteGaming says:

I am watching this on my ZenFone 2 well worth 2day of my job :p

Karmiangod says:

Clocks down when not under a heavy load. DUH!

Alexander White says:

It Seems. Way To Go. stitch juvenile What do you think, guys…

smashthatbitch hard says:

I have zenfone 2 ze550ml. Samsung is ancient. HTC is Antarctica. Asus is better. value for money. (Y)

David Friedman says:

Nice hair man! I am jealous.

gangstalishis says:

so this or the m8, mainly looking to game and i would purchase the 200 dollar model with 2 gbs of ram

Brett Norris says:

I don't think soul progression has anything to do with a phone 😂

R Wu says:

It's only 200 dollars now…

Matthew EverythingGaming says:

Dude where you get your prices from. Its 199 for 2gb or 299 4gb. What a nub.

00felixb says:

Lg g3 copy look it up

Justin Pearman says:

Price point: kills the competition

speed: on par to just a nudge below

camera: not great but 'good enough'

screen: not the best but definitely 'good enough'

ram: crushes competition

processor: not many atom phones out there. exciting to see Intel finally venturing into this category

microsd slot: yes

removable battery: no 

speaker: sub-par

price point: because this is worth repeating… kills the competition

end review: upgrade the speaker and I'm game! make the battery removable? even better.  sell different backs? like the leather backs the LG G4 has? rockin'! upgrade the camera? badass! but, most importantly, upgrade the speakers.  All phones on the market pale in comparison to HTC's with boom audio. It would be nice to see a phone try to compete in this class. Nothing like awesome forward-facing speakers.

Jimmy Dean says:

It's actually 180 at it's lowest

Mikee CZ says:

Ive got Acer E700 Liquid and its pretty good for even lower price, its now almost a year old model so i guess there will be newer Acers. worth checking out

Andrew Smirnov says:

ASUS do not provide major OS updates. They promissed at least 5.0 update for zenfone 4,5,6 and padfone s by the end of the spring, still no updates

Nate Franco says:

I don't know anything about wireless carriers and their compatibility. I have straight talk through walmart so if I bought this phone I wouldn't have any problem using it there….. right?

Half_Finis says:

I want to win the ViperX!

i mean HyperX…

sry Linus DX

Taran says:

Nice phone!

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