Best smartphones: Summer 2016

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  • Erika Bell

    My favorite phones right now are the Samsung galaxy s7 edge and the galaxy s8plus

  • fazrul sancherz

    where asus?? i think asus is popular too…

  • iPod Touch

    Number 1:
    There is very little you won't like here oh yeah apart from it exploding

  • 王思捷

    I think Huawei Ascend P9 should be on the top 3.

  • Jacques Le Vieux

    you need to put a video Wiley fox

  • Neil Uppal

    htc or sony

  • Leena Bhatia

    oneplus 3
    is better

  • Squelch133

    Only talks about the big names. 3 apple products. No innovation in approach to this vid.

  • Robert Alvere

    I like the Z5 Compact

  • Nanoscientist 1234

    the galaxy s6 is cheaper but decent i love it it should be number 6 best

  • Flora Cim

    which is best?? Sony Xperia z5 premium or Samsung Galaxy S7 edge plus??

  • SomeonePlayz !!

    Samsung galaxy s7 edge is The best phone


    omg does samsung no.1? omg I'm soo omg

  • ebo ny

    I'm glad the iPhone 6s is on this list. I recently got one, and I am really liking it. I think it's a good size.

  • Stuart Argent

    my best phone and cheap that is hella good is Samsung j5

  • Anthony Garcia

    samsungs lover you are stupid apple is better

  • / //CarsRRena

    1st at iPhone absolutely…
    iPhone desing in CALIFORNIA
    samsung desing in CHINA

  • TheCoolGamer -Clash Of Clans & MORE

    SamSung Is The Best Phone

  • Justin Mckay

    z5 compact for me

  • Mark Hammer

    axon 7 is one of the best.

  • Brusew gamage

    what about Huawei P9

  • Derec Augustus

    Z5 or Z5 Compact? Which is better?

  • Pamiya Lalwani

    iPhone 7 is the best phn

  • David Wilson

    zte axon 7 and oneplus 3?

  • compaqtest10 kia

    iphone ipad xbox made by foxconn comany not aple not microsoft cheat scam scams

  • srinag super

    wtf no zenfone 3?

  • Jacob Reed

    probably Z5 Compact