Best Stabilizer for Phone + Lenses ?!? Zhiyun Smooth 3 Review

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Zhiyun Smooth 3 Phone Stabilizer Link –
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Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) and I live in New York City. New videos on my channel every week! I upload vlogs, tech reviews, how-to / behind the scenes travel & lifestyle videos; as well as creative / entrepreneurial focused interviews and documentary films.

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  • CoolCat Carolena

    Loving all these reviews. I've been looking for a phone stabilizer…keep making these reviews, they're so helpful! And thanks for the 3d Rock reminder, gotta get to those episodes quick!

  • Bread275

    Do I want to watch a video about stabilizers for phone cameras? No
    Do I want to watch a video by Sara Dietschy? Yes
    Do I now want to watch a video about stabilizers for phone cameras because it was made by Sara Dietschy? YES

  • John Hill

    Don't worry everyone 30 rock is on Hulu so our lives have continued like normal

  • LetsRV

    I have the cheaper smooth Q and it works amazingly.

  • Tech life

    If u put a counter weight on the other side it will work

  • Collin Chan

    Actually Sara the Zhiyun can actually hold case + prime lenses. You should check out Ztylus prime Lenses probably better then Moment lens! I’ve actually won a commercial contest shooting on a iPhone 6s with Ztylus and Zhiyun smooth 3. I think you will be very surprised at the outcome of the footage. Even though you have a bigger iPhone I believe the moment cases maybe too heavy. But check out Ztylus they will be coming out with some new prime lenses.

  • tommywagner96

    YOU CAN USE MOMENT LENSES! PLZ READ THIS. You can add weight on the other side on the phone. Moment lenses YouTube channel did a vid about it.

  • Praveen Dhanabalan

    The iphone is like 1kilogram by itself.

  • Nygel Solís

    Hey Sara, Moment made a vid bout this problem with stabilizer you should take a look, BTW congrats you have a new 🍑 boy in the fam😃

  • theismaeliscool

    Filmic Pro for those of you wondering! Noticed that wasn’t listed in the description.

  • Donovan Chin

    Hey Sara. I think as with the DJI Osmo Mobile and I believe the Smooth Q, you might be able to DIY some additional counterbalance weight to make it work.

  • Elizabeth Aragon

    As always great blog. Thanks Sarah.🍑

  • ThisIsNajma


  • Kerry Zimmerman

    I sure hope the company that sent you the stabilizer takes you're criticisms to heart and fixes those problems, so you can use it with the case and it's lenses, including the wide-angle heavier guy.

  • David Bluetile

    one quick question. i got a couple of these things….. could you hear the motor? i didn't hear it in the footage but maybe you heard it when you were editing? i have a couple of these things and you can hear the motor buzzing in the footage if youre just trying to sit there and be all vloggy vloggy.