Best ZTE Phone Yet? Cricket Wireless ZTE Altair 2 Review

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Best ZTE Phone Yet? Cricket Wireless ZTE Altair 2 Review
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Hi this is John from Magic Tech Review! Just a father trying to help his mute autistic son little john. Where I do magic tricks, cell phone, tablet, mobile unboxings, reviews, gadgets, iphone, android tech and cellphone reviews on metropcs tmobile at&t and sprint verizon and many more. I am also a gamer at heart so I play mobile and emulator games. So stay tuned for more videos I wanna share with the world my take on things! Also check out my Magic Network featured channels which help me in my cause to help my mute autistic son as well! Unboxing Cricket Wireless, Metropcs, Boost Mobile and all prepaid service

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iCricketTech says:

I clicked on this video expecting a dope new ZTE smartphone…

coquiangel says:

Who else likes John's sense of humor? I laugh Everytime.

R O says:

I know someone who would love that phone actually, old school is kinda better for some. Easy texting and calls in& calls out, EASY. We have come a long way. Don't know if that's good or bad.

Robert Allen says:

Looks similar to the Obama phone my friend uses

Mr. Carroll Ware says:

what is it android 2 or 3 lol

ChevyCobalt Racer says:

that's truly old school

Toby Harkins says:

OK I thought Blackberry was over lol

Manuel Rico says:

MTR Play it with more I could see what happened after a black screen appeared

Donny Fair says:

This is silliest phone ever.

nick perez says:

That's is the unglest phone ever

Gabe Ulrickson says:

at least Cricket has a new flip phone

David Rodriguez says:

hey mtr is a zte blade an upgrade from a idol 4

Brian Stewart says:

Looks like a Blackberry ripoff

Prodo Dameuin says:

What the hell is this?

raymond patrick says:

lmao, what

Carlos Matus says:

that is a flip phone

Carlos Matus says:

hey what's good man

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