BlackBerry DTEK50 Review!

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Full review & ratings: | Buy the BlackBerry DTEK50:

Blackberry claims that the DTEK50 is the world’s most secure smartphone but is this phone worth buying solely on it’s security features? Find out in our review!

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Golden Retriever says:

Lot of cell phone nerds here. I only came here because work is giving me one, otherwise who gives a shit about phones?

Sebastian Kamal says:

Can you do the BlackBerry DTEK60 review now??? PLEASE?

ozanpress says:

It does not have speakers in the back, they are just stickers…

Timothy Perdue says:

2,010 ma battery? Stopped listening. 4:56

Sultan Singh says:

bye…. i can't watch this anymore…

Beetlebob Andrew says:

it doesnt have speakers on the back, there are stickers just like on top but no speakers unfortunately

Karthik Prasad says:

The convenience key design is a rip off from Sony Xperia's signature power button.

Chaiyya says:

Where can I buy an Idol 4 with 3GB Ram in the US?

joeyboyjoeyboy2 says:

i thought this was AMOLED?

Raaz BK says:

why bb not ugrade its own soft. os please upgrade this soft. its really good

Theodore Lewis says:

great flow!

Mustafa Mirza says:

This or the honor 6x

mclste says:

i still have a curve, i dont use it but its still there and still alive 😛

Chris Bird says:

I love this phone but have the 60 not 50

arnold oliver says:


FreeSpirit says:

I do not want perfection at this price…. These reviewers are morons who give bad reviews to Blackberry because they are paid to do so !

I would think Blackberry hardware would be much much better than the Asian phones, and given their superb software and security, I would love to buy one of these at less than half the price of an Iphone !

Scott M says:

Will this phone continue to get updates and be worth while? My fathers z10 is useless now but he wants another blackberry

PrinceDarkness says:

the speakers on the back are decoration they aren't even real 😂

Mike Czenkus says:

It's not based off the Idol 4,It literally is the Idol 4. It's just rebranded.

amit sethi says:

it's made by Alcatel on its idol 4 platform. Much cheeper

Vishal Yadav says:

Would go with Moto Z Play…

AholicKnight says:

hell yeah David paroty!

VanCityVloggers says:

Inconvenience key lollllll. Instant like bro.

Ayush Jindal says:

The thing where you put the phone facing down without any deterioration in sound cant really be done, as there are no back speakers in this phone. Those are fake grills.

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