BlackBerry KEYone Real Audio Review: All work and no play?

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All work and no play? The Keyone is a phone built to get your work done, but can it also fit in for your fun multimedia fun times? Let’s take a listen to this new BlackBerry!
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JGoodard1 says:

Now that TCL has complete design control of all HW parameters (KeyOne is the last in-house RIM designed phone), I'm sure that the next iteration of this model will be slightly tweaked in favor of a better overall multimedia experience.

Still, this is a solid work phone. The battery life…..amazing.

Simon Amaeshike says:

He was SCROLLING…on the KEYone…

with a stylus.

Joel Malaran says:

you are right, most tech reviews overlook the audio quality which for me is one of the most important feature of the smartphone. I listen to music often than taking photos .. lol … thank you juan for not taking for granted the audio quality, I hope you include also the bluetooth audio quality

Sithhy says:

The KEYone looks so gooooooooooooooooooood all around… except the damn back

Wilex Heynderickx says:

this is a fish 🐠
don't let him sink to the bottom of the comment section. help him swim

Steve Dion says:

Thanks for these videos!

Kamran Tanwir says:

Iphone 6s real audio review plz

Guy Sly says:

What about bluetooth audio?

Don Lew says:

watching The Last Starfighter on a BB KeyOne… now that's living 👍

Andrea Santoro says:

I just love these videos. And I'm not even an audiophile.
This Keyone with flagship specs would be awesome. Guess business men don't need big specs after all.

Alluri SAI KRISHNA says:

I'm watching this on my recently bought LG V20. I'm really loving this phone. thanks for the suggestion Juan. I love your videos. can you suggest a good music player that goes good with a phone like V20. also can you suggest me some websites or apps where I get audio content in wav or flac. thanks in advance

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Cute earrings. What does your boyfriend think of the color?

7teenageSmokers says:

I still want one.

Bajer 22 says:

w zyciu nie widzialem brzydszego telefonu!!

Kyle Netherwood says:

"Behind the LG G5". No thank you.

kamil151 says:

How i did not see this series of videos, damn. That's the thing I miss the most in phone reviews, the audio

Matt Mayden says:

This is gonna hurt me… I'm gonna be coming from a ZTE Axon 7, so I've been spoiled…

Chicago Hood News says:

Blackberry is officially dead 💀 iPhone is the gang💯🔥🔥🔥

Honchou Racing Inc. says:

@Pocketnow. I enjoy your reviews but why call out BlackBerry not having stereo audio when 80% of flagships don't have stereo. iPhone's 7 single speaker and crappy headset speaker..

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