BlackBerry KEYone Review

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The BlackBerry KEYone is more than just another anachronistic appeal to nostalgia. It’s the best BlackBerry on shelves today, bearing the best keyboard you can find on an Android phone in 2017. Lest you think I’m damning the BlackBerry KEYone with faint praise, remember that MrMobile values smartphones that stand out from the crowd – sometimes even more than he values phones with great battery life and outstanding build quality. The BlackBerry KEYone has all three of those assets in abundance … but is it enough to make up for its slight software stumbles? Find out in MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEYone Review!



BlackBerry KEYone:


Light Cube:
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Supernova Sphere:
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Light up bluetooth speaker:
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Borg cube rug:
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Starfleet Academy Diploma:
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Ganymede plush:
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MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEYone review was produced following 12 days with a BlackBerry KEYone review device on loan from BlackBerry Mobile. This handset replaced an earlier BlackBerry KEYone review unit that was deemed defective. It received two software updates during MrMobile’s time with it: most of the review was performed on software build AAK831, and an update to AAL093 arrived on the evening before BlackBerry KEYone review publication.

SPECIAL NOTE: Although CrackBerry does have a marketing relationship with BlackBerry Mobile, MrMobile is an independent entity within Mobile Nations. He was given the same amount of time with the KEYone as every other reviewer granted early access under the embargo agreement, and he received no compensation of any kind from BlackBerry Mobile or CrackBerry for this review (or any other piece of BlackBerry coverage). More on CrackBerry’s relationship with BlackBerry Mobile can be found here:


Android Central’s BlackBerry KEYone review:

CrackBerry’s BlackBerry KEYone review:


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“Home Organ” by Zach Nicita, available at Premium Beat:

“No Major Delays” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat:



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Muhammad Tariq says:

I watch mobile reviews here and there when I'm interested, and your reviews were by far the best on Pocket Now imo. I haven't seen your face around any sort of videos in ages, super glad I found out today that you have your own channel lmao, the quality is great! Keep up the good work man, your content is crisp and I'm glad to see you around again!

Kevin Batts says:

I love this phone!

Yiu Chung HO says:

Hope there'll be a full black version with matte black keypad…

Peace_Out says:

if the power button is annoying you on the left hand side. Keyboard short cut can be used to lock and with the keyboard fingerprint scanner then no need to touch the power button 😉

Vincent Scauzzo says:

The only reason I would buy this is to play Brick Breaker

Nether Warrior says:

The blackberrys always look like A fancy business phone

Nether Warrior says:

I like physical keyboards

secret says:

pocketnow review

skatcat743 says:

Song a little after the 0:30mark?

achintya bhavaraju says:

the only tech reviewer that can make a blackberry look good.

Thomas Allen says:

Blackberry. In the infamous words of Anne Bancroft in Malice…"Welcome (back) to the game."

Ihcen Ben says:

Ur the best

Emre A says:

Best keyone review ever! After 8 years of using iPhone, i'm looking for a change (currently using iPhone 5S) and I always wanted to use BB, but should i left the iPhone for this? or waiting for next iPhone? I really don't know what do you guys think?

TheWolfHowling says:

IMO, it's a bit disingenuous to say that the KEYone has "the best physical keyboard on Android" as it is basically a class of one: the KEYone. Excluding the Blackberry Priv, physical keyboard have been pretty much extinct on new Android phones for about the last 5 years or so. Having said that, I don't have any nostalgic, emotional ties to Blackberry as I never owned one, so I would be approaching this phone as I would any other Android phone. And to me, the KEYone doesn't ​have a really standout feature to justify its >$500 price compared to the similarly speced Z Play Michael mentioned, let alone the <$400 flagships like the OnePlus 3T or Honor 8 or all of the S7s that will be coming on the market with the S8 launched

Debra Dukes says:

Mrmobile I really enjoyed and was nice to see what I call blast from past pic.Awesome Review on a different phone.😉And definitely loved that you included my watch.And you could not tell big fan of the Watch or I should say Watches in general.Nice Review really enjoyed DebP.S Tried to explain in other Reviews how Watches in general are great investments regardless how much they cost. Deb👍

Chris Lawrence says:

As a fan of Blackberry [yes, even in 2017] this is quite a compelling review…
I'm low-key holding out for the OnePlus 5 but this may not be a bad idea as a secondary device…especially for the productivity potential [THAT keyboard…aye].

Nicely done, Mr. Mobile.

Saad Aftab says:

with snapdragon 625 😒

Android Tech says:

like it very much, keyboard is great

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