BlackBerry KEYone Review: BlackBerry is Back!

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Here is a full review of the brand new BlackBerry KEYone which does run Android Nougat. Check out the physical keyboard along with the interesting design of the KEYone. Subscribe for more:

BlackBerry KEYone Unboxing:
Aukey battery pack used:

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  • juan Alcantar

    I'll just wait for the note 8

  • fry_banshee_139

    "thid is a test"

  • Kevin Batts

    Great review I do love this phone. I can't wait to buy it.

  • Sara Sue

    You can press space twice to get a period. That's why it doesn't need its own physical key.

  • Robert Leal

    If they would of made the home buttons on the screen and used that space for a bigger screen , this would of been the best

  • Robert Leal

    this phone is pretty sweet

  • Mark Nguyen

    $550 for mid range specs?

  • th3 ch0s3n 0n3

    y0, real talk…someone needs to make an ASMR video with the KEYone keyboard being put to use.

  • ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt

    Hum this Blackburry might be my next purchase.

  • 李晶

    thanks for detail information about keyone. Tomorrow will be get in my hand, so happy for blackberry is back and not for any other standby phone on our life.

  • Andrew Clarkin

    Please try to make you it videos shorter

  • Jorge Munoz

    Amazing phone, watching this video on my Blackberry Passport. Thumbs up

  • Brijesh babu

    that keyboard sound is soo satisfying…

  • Kusal Munasinghe

    nicely done, thanks.
    as its a very long review, try to change focus into different directions.

  • Marcel van Geenen

    double tap the space bar wouldn't give you a period ?


    I really need to try a physical keyboard again! It looks pretty nice

  • Robert Timsah

    Tim Schofield, are you from Wisconsin? You sound exactly like GOP Rep Paul Ryan!

  • Sérgio André

    So, better than Samsung Galaxy S8? Tanks

  • Zairam Hadi

    while samsung apple xiaomi try to make phone without any button like mi mix and s8 and blackberry still try to be keypad

  • Ninjanoodles78

    in what world are dollar signs typed more than periods?
    C'mon blackberry, the one thing that defines you, you make a mistake

  • Christian Enmon

    First time blackberry made me choose their phone over s8 because of the good fingerprint scanner idea combo with the shortcuts and keyboard 👌

  • Chester Foster

    One word… trash 😎

  • Kyle Azuelo

    Amazing review. Amazing Blackberry

  • Brooklyn TheFurry

    screen is about the same size as the Iphone 7

  • Неустановленное Лицо

    Didn't talk about SHORTCUTS,Led light,and whether it's not or comfortable to use in hand and stuff ,moron

  • Gunther

    im so dissapointed that it lags I had high hopes

  • Sangyoon Sim

    I thought it was "BlackBerry is Black!"