BLU Pure XR Review – how good is a $299 phone?

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The Blu Pure XR delivers near-flagship levels specs including a curved display and 16MP camera for $299 but is it enough? Here’s our Blu Pure XR review!

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Dee Dee says:

Haters,why are we reviewing the reviewer? Make your own review or STFU. Now. Review my comment.

LeGrant Nielsen says:

can anyone tell me if they take all sim cards?

Charles Martel says:

The Blu One X2 is about as good overall and only half the price.

David Cote says:

HDR sucks on most phones… you can forget zoom on any phone or digital camera because most are "software" zoom…
Buy a phone or a camera, please stop trying to buy a 2 in 1 device…

Kevin Mooneyham says:

Excellent review man!!

theC-LOS factor says:

Love this Hill guy, one of the best-structured and satisfying reviews I've ever seen

reaco billy says:

poor review he skipped lot of good features of the pure xr. lot of reviews seem biased nowadays

Arman Hakobyan says:

Please help me root my device blu pur xr I have been looking for approximately a week for the program but I haven't come across anything, would you happen to have anything to help

tony fast jr the IV says:

does anyone know how to fix the fingerprint scanner issue, where the fingerprint option doesn't appear?

Thomas T says:

I came for your mixtape but good review

joelharm says:

The Huawei Honor 8 is a much better phone at that price point.

henry raneiri says:

Brilliant review mate , thanks. What about the bivouac 6 , 4 gig ram?

Raygan Gibbs says:

I have a blu pure xr i dont get the call problem that he is talking about but it was a good review

TechTranslated says:

Damn this guy got some incredible skills in cinematography! Keep it up and a great video! Thoroughly reviewed and well executed!

Demetrius Martin says:

its a good phone made by a American company that I for one will be getting my next phone from I've had the best of Apple lg and Samsung the last 3 years and honestly have gotten bored with all of them

Demetrius Martin says:

it looks like a dam good phone for the price most flagship aren't much better and these benchmark test really don't tell the whole story of the actual daily use

Ashley Danielle says:

Does this phone have a led notification light?


this guy looks like the rapper the game but fat lmfao

Yova Vando says:

from front,just like oneplus 3

Opposite 5 says:

I have a BLU but I got it out of state so there are not that popular in California

Dan Seabreeze says:

I have the BLU Pure XL for months now and no complaints since I love the image quality and the professional mode and then night shots are great also, only thing is at 6 inches when I put it in my pocket I cannot sit down and be comfortable in jeans with this phone even though I'm 6 feet tall. It stabs my hip when I sit down with it in my pocket. I REALLY wish BLU would make a 5 inch phone with a great camera like that of the BLU Pure XL. I ordered the BLU One X2 to see if that camera is good enough for me otherwise I'm sending it back. It's easy for women to carry large phones because they put it in their purse and NO I'm not going to carry a "man purse" lol…

Almond Meme says:

is it fast charge capable?

Muhammad Imran says:

great review dude. looking forward for more of your videos.

man0z says:

Why they no sell in the UK? Or off of china websites like gearbest? I really want an AMOLED screen that is NOT Samsung or Moto. I want to try something different.

Dan Rigsley says:

I'm sad Blu phone is getting to cost more.

Luis Madrigal says:

It has a very iOS-like UI.

Jack Derham says:

the breathing after each sentence 😂😂😂😂

PussMag says:

One X2 is good enough at similar spec, not worth 50% more money

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