Blu VIVO XL Review – $150 Android Smart Phone!

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This budget smartphone by Blu competes directly with the honor 5x, and moto g and even Alcatel idol 3. You can order this phone here:

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Rita Jonakin says:

can you program each contact a different ring tone and text message sound and can you save your pictures from text messages, and does it have auto, rotate 360 which would you say was better the Bluvivo XL or Vivo 5 I bought a Asus zenphone 2 laser, and it did not do these things so I sent it back… I have been doing lots of research and I am becoming very frustrated, trying to decide.. which phone to buy.. 200.00 is the limit I can spend.. but I have been looking at the vivo 5.. Or the Honor 5x

hosts of michael says:

You sounds similar to the youtuber, "Video Game Dunkey".

Nice videos btw

Jesse the Tiger says:

Man my phone is bad it. Only last 10hours stanby and 6hours screen on when used heavily

Tobias Dahlberg says:

Dope stuff Kevin!

Julio Vergara says:

Hi, does this phone has screen gestures? can i wake up screen with a double tap?

Total Tech says:

Lmfao the fruit company lol #fruits

NunoTalksTech says:

That's a lot of phone for $150! Great video!

Harmandirgeet Sidhu says:

Loving the new intro and as always great video!
Could you leave the lyrics to the rap in the intro.

gerardo velascoo says:

still waiting on the blu vivo 5😐😐😐

John Matthews says:


Kyle Ruggles says:

Not bad at all! killer that it has an AMOLED screen at that price, 720 is no issue if it saves battery, looks be a moto g low end killer to me.

Matthew Moscotto says:

good stuff as always

Matt Mellor says:

tbh, the zopo speed 7 looks so much better- I use nova too!

LUKA LR says:

Awesome video 👍👍👍

Vicente George says:

Great vid as usual Kev! Blu is offering some solid options on the market right now for an incredible price point… You're getting better with each video and soon to get that 100k! Keep this awesome work coming mate

Ryan Barclay says:

great video

well done with the editing

great phone with a good battery and turn of speed

Turbo Tech says:

Great video! Keep up the good work!

Elias G. says:

Nice video! You could check out the UMI Iron Pro, which is a budget device aswell

Garrett Howard says:

still better than a ipoo

Luis Terrazas says:

love the intro

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