Camera Phone Review!

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Cliff jumping in Hawaii! We had a blast testing out the new #Honor6X for the first time as our main BTS camera – it did not disappoint!

Big thanks to Honor USA for sending it out to us!
Check out their awesome bundle sale here:

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devingraham says:

Always trying to see what's out there! 🙂 What should we review next?! 🙂

Tim König says:

haha my honor 6x came yesterday..i love it

LeoSoccer8 says:

Its alright…looks like iPhone 6 footage

Wouter Kraster says:

I'd like to see in the next review the pro's and cons. I have the feeling you are trying to sell us the phone in stead of reviewing it..

Rosie Siniscalchi says:

Really like your jacket, again!

Jai Pilbeam says:

I film with a Contour + 2 with a Roxant Pro Stabilizer and also i use for skating a GoPro Hero 4 Silver with the Braille Skateboarding stabilizer

Deivydas G. says:

get paid, get laid, Gatorade.

Michael John Tejero says:

hmmm i guess the focus is kinda slow, relative to other current smartphones are doing

Graham Fam says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a new item. YouTube comments are so negative these days. Miss the day when subscribers and viewers were nicer instead of always so critical.

SamJPC says:

If you're looking for camera quality, look at the Google Pixel

Optimize says:

really sick of the non-passion driven videos that originally gave Devin's main channel it's spark. I understand the evolution of content based on growing and new audiences but this is not evolution, this is devolution. So many channels are just sponsor driven now. It truly saddens me, knowing that people like Devin especially are so capable and so talented and that potential is turned into a YouTube commercial for whatever it may be.

Alvar Lagerlof says:

That's like 720 p

Bepske Kaatje says:

You are 7 days late Devin 😉

Free Music (No Copyright) says:

notification squad unite! 😀

vanMrMann says:

You can't be serious are you?

FlatoutDude says:

notification squad anyone?

PenguinAugis says:

Just buy an iPhone 7Plus

Winchester says:

I am filming on Lumix GH 5

SkyS1gn says:

What is the point of this video….
Its like you read the spec list, and added that its amazing and all… but it looks and sounds like a potato… and clearly shows you are not telling the truth.
Just because they sponsored.
Also its a half ass clapped together video. Its not what we expect from you.

Max G Studio says:

If you only have 250 bucks and need a new phone that shoots well usable video in good conditions anyway its seems like a decent option as it has great features for its price. I mean the best camera is the one you can carry around with you. But for planned or more serious video shoots I would always prefer a Canon T5.

Christian Adventure Films says:

It is amazing what phones can do these days!

Janez Strukelj says:

This wasn't honest.

Andreas Magell says:

That camera is pure crap, and i'm not even going to talk about the audio lol. This was not your honest opinion i hope.

Rémi STEFAN says:

The Honor 7 have 21Mpx on front camera.

Espander says:

it is a first Devin's video that I disliked…

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