CAN ZHASK BE HEALED BY HIS SUMMON? Full Items Effect Review – Mobile Legends Experiment

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DAMNNN That’s some interesting news to know guys ! Sometimes f*ck the logic 😀

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  • Gemik – Mobile Legends

    Yep Concentrated energy passive N2 is to give life when you kill an ennemy, i really didn't know that :o. That's why i was gaining life, other than that i don't think the item is worth it.

  • Marissa Paquera

    fuuck just like panda

  • Westcandle kiky

    on the concentrated energy, the unique passive-recharge that works on the 1st skill. but you should hit the hero at least once to get 10% regen and get the kill. see in 7:44 when you kill argus, it count as the turret kills him.
    and that was awesome if lightning truncheon passive will works on zhask 1st skill. you can hide in the bushes and give 3 enemy's heroes 150% magic damage every 6 seconds or it will not works unless you hit the hero

  • Kagurazaka Asuna

    Athena shield works on the spawn too? N for slow maybe try thunder belt since spawn is doing 2 basic n 1 spell (death ray)

  • Syahrul Syam

    ID: 50145122 (2081)
    IGN: syahrul_07
    Skin: Moskov Spear Of Bone Dragon
    (Subscribed And Liked)

  • The Anime Finger stylist

    yay i can use fanny on rank now 😂

  • feo tsuki

    You get life from killing enemies with concentrated energy. Read the description

  • harith 1bsb

    Well i have 70k bp rn….so lets just buy this guy 😍😍😍

  • Dry Water

    Sun still better

  • Yonko Shanks

    Can spell vamp and bloodludt heal his Spawn?

  • Yonko Shanks

    Concentrated wnergy has Second pasdive u kill somone u get heal from.him

  • Zhean Benito

    Spell vamp doesnt work. You gain HP from the other passive of concentrated energy. It restores 10% HP after an enemy is killed Gemik.

  • iFlekzz – Mobile Legends Channel

    This is literally Azir from League of Legends, that ripoff tho

  • Zephroxeh

    Yay another cancer shit.

  • Ryker King

    100% auto ban for sure no doubt XD

  • Vørtex Gaamer

    I think zhask use spell u can stunt them and use zhask's skill? Maybe?

  • Phoenix Jestingor

    What if u use the lifestealing axe?

  • Rendy Wiranata

    thank u gemik you're so detail about the new hero really appreciate it. btw if the spell vamp works on this champ then it would be the most OP hero ever. lol

  • MicosaPH

    His ss looks like rift herald on LOL

  • MicosaPH

    His 3rd skill is like xerath's skill

  • MicosaPH

    He's fuckin OP

  • Frank Cosip

    Will I buy him or her?

  • Healer Gaming

    Nice! Thank you. 🙂

  • Kheaster John App

    can i request a skin?

  • Mohd Nizar

    Skin: Natalia-glass blade

  • Kyo TM

    Gemik, try marksman build.