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Lightning McQueen needs a tune up before the big race so it’s a good thing we found Mack and his MobileTool Center Playset to help get him ready!
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Cars 3 Mack’s Mobile Tool Center Playset

Mack knows just what to do to keep Lightning in tip-top shape. When the Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 Mack’s Mobile Tool Center Playset rolls up, it’s time to get to work. Open up the truck’s side doors to reveal a working garage, complete with an elevated lift. Use the socket wrench, spare tires, screws and other tools to fix up the included Lightning McQueen toy car and get ready for race day. Once Lightning is fueled up and freshly tuned, close the doors and press the yellow button to rev up Mack’s engine and turn on his headlights before heading out on the imaginary highway.

Product Highlights
• Includes 24 pieces for interactive adventures: Lightning McQueen toy car, eight wheels, eight Phillips screws, one spanner, one tire air pump, one socket bit, one Phillips-head bit, one flat-head bit, one interchangeable socket wrench and a sticker sheet
• Become a pit-stop pro by removing and replacing Lightning McQueen’s tires
• Convenient carry handle allows you to bring Mack wherever you go
• Yellow button on the roof activates the truck’s headlights and revs the engine for exciting gameplay
• Open the side doors to reveal the inner garage, which includes places to hang and organize all the tools
• Truck bed turns into a lift, so you can get to work on fixing up McQueen

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