CAT S 60 cell phone review

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byCDMC says:

2m for 1h, or with switches on, 5m for 1h. not 2m for 5h. also, you can turn off the calibration in the options for the thermal camera and calibrate ir manually when ever you want. do your research before making a review. other than that, keep up the good work

bummer beavis says:

will it work on net 10?

PsykoHesse gaming says:

sweet, i am waiting for mine now. i live in sweden and love fishing so i hope, its works good on the water :).

saikat sarkar says:

one of the best nexus device yet

Writer Wasp says:


Ltheman says:

I got my Cat S60 on a Wednesday, and it was dead Saturday. It had a full charge, and it shut down and would not do anything. I'm still waiting for my refund.

Jeffrey Warke says:

the 2m-5m switch is to protect the speakers in water

Liberty NC says:

a week of use on project Fi and it works , so far so good

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