Classic Game Room – GRAND THEFT AUTO III mobile review

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Grand Theft Auto 3 review. Classic Game Room reviews GRAND THEFT AUTO III 10 Year Anniversary edition for the iPad from Rockstar (also available for Android tablets), a mobile version of 2001’s awesome GTA III, the installment that changed video games forever. I originally played through this game on PlayStation 2 way back when and love the GTA style action and mayhem, but how about these new mobile controls? While the touch screen “thumbstick” is far from perfect, the GTA3 controls on iPad feel a lot like a keyboard with a sticky d-pad. Graphics, gameplay and sound remain surprisingly consistent with the PS2 original (if there’s serious changes I don’t remember them). Driving with iPad controls works quite well but this game could really use a BlueTooth PS2 style controller for iPad. Grand Theft Auto III video review features GTA 3 game play from iPad 2 showing GTA3 gameplay in HD action.


Nico Bellic says:

please make gta 4 mobile next

The Shop says:

I just got it.

Diego Perez says:

the gta games play very well with apple devices and fast to

Daanish Hussain says:

"graphics aren't as nice as GTA V". 1.5/10.

HereKittyKittyX says:

Get it on andorid you can get adopter and play wit Xobx one controller or ps4 or ps3 or xobx360

FregenDied says:

Mark, what are you smoking. GTA 2 for Dreamcast was never reviewed. Only the Playstation version.

Max The Maniac says:

My favorite station from this game has to be Chatterbox 109

Shihoon Choi says:

if you die do you go to the hospital and do you lose your weapons and can u get arrested? plzzzzzzzzzzzzz respond

Yn Morgen says:

Release tension like an iPod.just woth more fun

Vaibhav Shah says:

Sad that GTA 4 will never come out on mobile anytime in the near future. The game was an unoptimized mess on the PC when it came out. What I am waiting for is Bully. Cmon rockstar, Port Bully to mobile devices already.

PixelReviver says:

This game sucks dick on android. Vice city and San Andreas were awesome on android, but this one never got the invisible menu bugs fixed! Plus the HUD looks egg shaped.

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