Crimson Kingdom Box Review Pack Opening! | Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Mobile w/ ShadyPenguinn

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YuGiOh Duel Links continues! A new pack is live, and it’s time for us to go over every card and see which ones bring the most change and HYPE! Enjoy!

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mattatthome says:


Andrea Dshy says:

lightray grepher same as gay than you!!! rofl

JAxz5 says:

how the hell can i get so many gems

Vasalis Erretti says:

Hey Shady I feel like a Thunder/light themed deck is viable/possible now, since both mountain and umi increase thunder type monster attack, you could use either kaiba or mako, though my current idea is using mako, since you can kaizer seahorse into sanga of the thunder, and use Pahunder, brohunder, rai-jin and rai-mei in conjunction with maybe a thunder dragon setup w/ polymeriazation. Also maybe adding tripwire beast in, but that might be too many monsters at that point. You could use Melf's light since it raises the attack of light monsters and thunder types usually are light as well. maybe add a bonus mountain/umi incase it gets destroyed and I'm not entirely sure what other support (spell/trap) cards that could be used yet. I think once I finish making the deck myself I'll attempt to send it your way via deckcheck (though I have 0 thunder dragons still).

Kangaroo Jackal says:

shady i think you sometimes over hype some cards

Dorgenark BC says:

Vampire Genesis brings back so many good memories for me too! That and Red Eyes Darkness Dragon!

Nater says:

37 Likes? Dang Shady you're humble.

sremik says:

too many ads man, I even grew my beard like u wth

RsPsHero says:

i got red-eye wyvern in my first pack & i got 3 ultras and 1 super from those free 500 gems XD

Darien Samael says:

You're really Lucky ShadyPenguing!!

AMA GANG says:

gift exchange is for maximum crisis

Yoshimation says:

Shady there's a banner that ends tomorrow in FE: Heroes that has Lyn in a wedding dress

Bartosz Piórkowski says:

@Shadypenguinn: The -hunder family is a monster spam engine. Idealy you NS Dad or mom -> NS the second one -> NS Bro or Sis, depending on needs, or just use that another NS for other thing like tribute summon something like Sanga of The Thunder… IRL it was mostly used to spam huge XYZ monsters, but in Duel Links there's no XYZs so it's not that good… but definitively a funny archetype.

Charizard Fartz says:

idk what hes talkin about i had this box yesterday!!

Benshimen says:

Lot's of good cards! I wonder how good would Red-Eyes Wyvern be.

StonedMonk says:

2:20 OTC only targets the monster that's tributed, not the monster that gets destroyed.

Marco Aldo says:

Busted 5 Star Warrior Deck
Skill: Balance
3x Freed, 3x Tenmataitei, 3x Teva, 3x Soul Exchange, 3x Feast of the Wild Lvl5, 2 Econ, 1 Mirror wall, 1 Metalmorph, 1 Dimension Gate.

Some Random Ginger says:

I love buster blader IRL

Stipe Masnic says:


TheRealZyro says:

Psychic gonna be strong

Nick The last says:

Well still waiting for Jinzo…

Andrew Gunning says:

I love these videos! You are awesome Shady!

mack1142 says:

My first 10 packs gave me 2 UR and 2 SR

Clift Tjahjono says:

why u so lucky shady?? T.T

hydro plane says:

I love this boxxxxxxx !

Jordon Roy says:

I got red eyes zombie, vamp lord and the pyro 1850 UR


from Gen 1…buster blader is my favorite

Wynn says:

Dude. Bonfire Colossus with two kickfires on the field is OTK

Tyler Little says:

I went through 100 packs and didn't get the one card One wanted

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