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Vlog 148 – May 12, 2017 | DJ Set Up Review – DJ Set-Up Ideas and Gear!

From JBL, EV, and QSC speakers to American DJ and Chauvet Lighting Fixtures, this VLOG has it all! In this video we take a look at 15 Mobile DJ set-ups and review them to see what we like and don’t like about them. Today we look at the best and worst Mobile DJ set ups around the world.

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POX 1074











MY DJ GEAR (w/Purchase Links)

-ADJ Mega+ Pars:
-ADJ Ultra Bar:
-Chauvet Swarm:
-Chauvet EZ Gobo:

-JBL PRX715:
-JBL PRX712:

-PIONEER DJ Headphones 1500:
-PIONEER DJM 850 Mixer :

-AKG Wireless Microphone:
-Shure Wired Microphone:
-Microphone Desk Stand:

-Speaker Tripod Stands:
-Subwoofer Poles:
-Rock-N-Roller Cart:

-DMX Cables:
-XLR Cables:
-Surge Protector:

-Gator Tripod Scrims:
-Gator Tripod Bag:

-DJ Table:

-ADJ O-Clamps:
-Velcro Ties:


MY VLOG GEAR (w/Purchase Links)

-Canon G7X II:
-Canon 70D:

-Tamron 16-300:
-Canon 10-18:
-Canon 50:

-GoPro Hero 5:
-GoPro Session:

-DJI Mavic Pro:
-DJI Phantom 4:
-DJI Phantom 3:

-Rode Video Mic Pro:
-Joby Gorilla Tripod:
-Lexar Memory Card:

-Manfrotto Backpack:
-Manfrotto Travel Tripod:

Edited On: Final Cut Pro X


ABOUT ME: I was born on March 06, 1992 in Nicaragua. I currently live in New Jersey, USA. I am an open-format Mobile and Club DJ. I enjoy making VLOGs about my Life as a DJ and my Travels around the world. I hope you find my videos entertaining. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


DJ Solstice says:

Yeee hand build the stage myself! Grittiness is key for the rowdy crowds. I've always been a huge fan of exposed truss. It just looks badass

Edgar Hernandez says:

thanks for showing my set up bro ,, I did pushed in the speaker tripod behind t he truss tripods Lol it was my first time doing this set up… but now I got away from that truss and got aluminum truss 6 and a half feet.. and the gigbars go on top,,, I will send you my new set up

Dranomoly says:

I dj standing up… you must dj sitting down 😂😂😂😩😩😭😭😂😂😂

Eric Gamez says:

I have the first gigbar, can confirm it is a great fixture and gets the job done even in relatively big rooms

Mac Joseph says:

I bought a gig bar too!

Perfect Touch DJ's says:

Thanks for the review hermanito!!! I was thinking the same thing, I need something like what you got.

Dude we need to have a Mix-Session/BBQ…

Let me know when you're in NY again…


James Alfredini says:

Gigbars are the bomb! Been using one for months, the convenience far outweighs carrying a bunch of lights around.

Dennison DeNatalie says:

Hey Barr. Do you own the PRX718 subs or do you borrow them?

Ariel Mainieri says:

Cuando hablas en ingles pareciera que tenes la nariz tapada…

Joe Lewis says:

A lot of these guys gotta buy facades =(
Overhead trusses are a waste of money unless you go for FULL (actual?) overhead trussing. Scrims are just…so bleh to me. Never was a fan of them. 11:20 has the best set-up,IMO. You can buy better spotlights so you can instal gobos into them. I would never recommend buying a gobos projector unless you use multiple gobos throughout a room. Just seems kinda like a waste…OR if the client does not want to pay for lighting but wants a gobo.

15:06 has a pretty "eh". Setup. If you buy trussing that tall, you have to at least have something that covers the entire height of the truss. The exposed trussing kind of ruin this set up if I'm being perfectly honest.

I'm not a fan of those effects fixtures. Spot lights and wash lights are great but those effect lights are just so eh to me.

Speakers on the floor….are just a waste. like in 15:40… The only speakers that should be on floors are subs….they are designed for that kind of stuff. Again, Scrims just look silly, especially if they don't cover the whole tripod….

I did this in real time. Everything else I did not mention was just 'eh". I dunno.

TL;DR 11:20 set-up is the best.

Lewis Thomson says:

Hello DJ Barr! We would like to thank you for featuring our setup in your video and also thumbnail. As our light broke and them 2 photos was all in 1 weekend and I have now taken on your opinions and I agree and have just bought a light bar! We are really glad that you like our setup and the stages come with our setup! 👌🏻 If your up in Scotland let us know and we would be more then happy for you to come and visit us at a gig. And have now added a gobo projector 😊

Thanks 👌🏻

Turner Music says:

"I – I I I don't like that… " where is that from? I know I heard that before. I know it's from a tv show or movies

DJ Brandon says:

Bro killer video like always brotha!! i always appreciate your videos!!

DjLuis Valle says:

te voy a mandar mis set up para que salga en el proximo video.. deja tu email por aqui please, bueno pues sigue con los buenos videos.

djme123 says:

I use the white table scrim on smaller gigs. Not a fan of the facades, whenever I use mine I feel boxed in? More freedom with the open table set up. What do you recommend for lighting up the scrim or facade in terms of wash? Great video Barr.

TOTAL Entertainment says:

Thanks for the critique! It's DJ Q-Ball here… you think my names funny?! LOL It's because of the bald head and a nickname I was given after getting out of the Army.
I agree with the gobo! It wasn't mine. The venue had it ceiling mounted for all their customers.

Joe Chalmers says:

Fun video. Nice to see all the different places that people watch from especially from my home, Scotland!

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice! Keep it up!

Andreas Wayne Fransson says:

Great video mate!

bryan rm says:

puedes hacer una segunda parte saludos

Dj Jay Book says:

Another great vlog Barr! I hate I didn't send a pic in of Mine!! Maybe next Time!!


caught me off guard this didn't expect a video today

Dj Frank Lopez says:

You forgot my setup bro.. it's all good next time man. Good video

Ibarra Beatz says:

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