DJI Osmo Mobile REVIEW! A Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

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➜ DJI Osmo Mobile: or DJI Store:
➜ Wide Angle Lens Kit I used:

This is the Brand New, DJI OSMO Mobile, a handheld gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone. Our phone’s cameras are getting better and better, shooting 4K video, ultra buttery-smooth slow-motion at 240fps, amazing quality images, and so much more, and the one downfall they always had was lack of stability. Now you can capture super smooth, stable video or time lapse shots with the OSMO Mobile.

Main Features:
-Battery life: ~4.5 hours (charge time w/ included USB cable: ~2.5 hrs)
-Quick and easy to balance
-Build quality is superb, comfortable rubber handle grip, ergonomic controls
-Active Track: tap or drag on your smartphone’s screen, highlighting your subject, and the Osmo gimbal will auto track and follow, keeping your selected subject in frame, no matter where you point the gimbal
-Motion Time Lapse: move your camera, selecting Point A and B, choose your interval and duration settings, and hit Start. It’ll auto move and compile the shots for you.

The OSMO platform has a lot of different accessories that expand the world of stabilization and attachments – some of my favorites I use the most:
-Extension Rod:
-Articulating Locking Arm:
-Battery Charging Dock:

I think the OSMO Mobile could be great for a lot of different people: daily vloggers who want portability but stepping up the quality/stability of their shots. Parents who are sick of shaky video footage of their kids sports games and playtime adventures. Youtubers like myself… I’m always capturing shots for my youtube videos with my smartphone (Galaxy S7 Edge), but it’s either shaky handheld, or boring locked down static shot on a tripod – this way I can add cinematic beauty smooth shots to my videos, while maintaining the efficiency and workflow of shooting on my phone.

Check out current pricing & more info: (DJI Store) or Amazon:

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Jian Z says:

do u think the bag is too small for the gimbal ?

Brandon C says:

thanks for this review man I wanna get one now

DikaSochirin says:

GREAT FUCKIN REVIEW MATE! No bullshit long useless intro, straight to the point!

Sanaz Asadi says:

Can you Record 1080p @60FPS with this device? Osmo Mobile?

James Balagtas says:

hi where did you get that slomo shot, i have an s7 edge too, i dont have slomo on dji go.

TrollinPwnin says:

I don't have to use the app in order to use the gimbal right?

Justiny says:

300 bucks is too expensive for individual mobile filmakers

Abdul Rahman Shariff says:

Can we add Z axis to osmo Mobile??

Gerardo Ibanez says:

Oceanside, CA ✌🏽️no place like home.

Canadian Dude says:

Thanks for your video

Varun Shastry says:

Will a moment lens be on the iPhone 7 plus be to heavy?

Greg Stachura says:

Does DJI Osmo supports Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in terms of 4k shooting and active tracking when use DJI Go app?

Hollywood Stan says:

hey Ben, once again good informative video. I just went and purchased mine…..its charging as we speak lol……

Stijn Zeeman says:

Great video! Thanks a lot!

Do you know how to record an external microphone with the DJI Go app? We have a huawei p8 and external rode pro, but we can not record the external audio by the dji go app. Do you know why? Or do you have another solution? Thanks in advance. Stijn

حموصة.كوم says:

hi do you have any idea about deference between DJI OSMO Mobile Handheld Stabilized Gimbal price 299 , and DJI Osmo Mobile 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Cellphone CP.ZM.000449 price 289 ? thanks

Derick Roy says:

Is this in Oceanside CA?

Jon Bundy says:

Good video. Can you go over how the footage it capured. IS it hald on a Micro SD inside the DJI or is it stored on the phone? Also how do you download the footage for editing? Easy process or more difficult? Any responses would be extremely helpful.

Azeem Banatwalla says:

The slow motion shots of the birds on the beach were done with an S7 Edge?

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