DJI Osmo Mobile Review – Better Than The Original?

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I recently picked up a new Osmo Mobile after leaving my Osmo to gather dust over the past several months. Does it live up to everything I need it to be? Is it better than the original Osmo, at least for my workflow?

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Chander Kumar says:

Very good product ✌️

Appleperson Gaming says:

@UFDisciple Those features are not available on android! The android app is still a work in progress.

Music_360 says:

Realize you wont get 4k with the mobile

Phil MTX says:

really interesting. I sold my osmo on eBay a few seconds ago and ordered the osmo mobile. thanks for taking the time to make that video. as a viewer i find it well paced, no uncessary blabla, and very informative. -phil

Mahl Oakes says:

Good info! Just talk a little bit slower please!

Mike Simpson says:

Great review. I'm almost convinced that the mobile only fits my needs. The issues associated with IOS vs Android though are pretty severe. According to this page many features for Android are still coming soon.

Andrew Keller says:

Seems like it has a lot of issues with Iphones' built-in OIS resulting in stabilization problems as well as stuttering images. Whole thread on it here:

Loïs Qutob says:

Thanks this video was really in depth. i definitely want one for amateur filming and video editing!

Shaddrach says:

I almost switched to the Mobile. Luckily, the zenmuse M1 was unveiled as my Osmo was on eBay, so I now have the best of both worlds, and changing the heads only takes a few seconds…although, I rarely want to use the osmo camera vs the m1 and my 7plus.

Erin Lazaro says:

great review 🙂 thumbs up!!!


Good review! Explained everything I wanted to know!👍🏻

Michel Rivet says:

if you want me to add me let me know we will go in the settings and etc…

Michel Rivet says:

if you compare the price of the osmo mobile and the osmo+ it's lie comparing a toyota and a rolls royce the more you pay the more you get and don't worry when someone buys a rolls royce they don't care of how much milleage to a gallon of gas.

Michel Rivet says:

forgot to mention she also bought the osmo Extension Stick so she can Increase the range of the osmo and capture footage at all the right angles can the mobile also do that?

Michel Rivet says:

forgot to mention wich iphone or other cell can compete with the x5r? I don't think you can use thge X5 or X5r on the mobile but you can on the osmo and osmo+

Michel Rivet says:

My wife bought the osmo+ with the z axis and the rode videomic also bought the battery extender to use with a p3p battery which last for more then 5 hours and polar pro Nd Filters also she has changed the 16gb sd card for 64 gb which filters are you using with the osmo mobile and as I could see the mobile can't use the z axis,

HazardSports says:

Very fair review! I like my Osmo but like you said not terribly conveinent!

Daniel Precht says:

The iPod Shuffle charges thrugh a 3.5mm jack as well 🙂 but it is indeed rare.

Jane Kailey says:

not sure if helpful. it's mostly his opinion which seems rather fussy. also: talks WAY too fast. AND THERE'S NO SUCH WORD AS "DIDDINT", DUMBASS!!

George Manu says:

Thank you helped me out a lot

Rob Rangi says:

Great video and helped me in my final decision to purchase one … Works wonders with the Pixel and I've been using it as a cheeky stabilizer for my GoPro Hero 4 (amazing what you can do with 2 rubber bands) 😉

Tim Martinez says:

Great video. Based on your review I'm gonna buy it. Question – if the mic on my phone good enough or is their an aftermarket upgrade for better performance?

Nutshell TV says:

Great review – answered pretty much all my questions and also affirmed I made the right choice to not get a regular Osmo as I can now use my 128gb iPhone 7. Many thanks.

Jenn Grover says:

This was really helpful, thanks!

Anurag Jaiswal says:

btw, could you please give us a sample from Nexus 6P..

Anurag Jaiswal says:

btw, could you please give us a sample from Nexus 6P..

Anurag Jaiswal says:

I really like the product. the only downside is the hefty price. and especially in India where costs almost $400.. 😒😓

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