DJI Osmo Mobile Review + cinematic shots

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Full vid in Barcelona with the Osmo Mobile:

Thanks to who send me this Osmo Mobile for a review. Check this guys drone website out, it’s plenty of useful information.

It’s a review about the DJI Osmo Mobile, really a great tool for us filmmakers. I’ve been testing all of its features and of course took it with me for the weekend, so I could test how it actually filmed with my smartphone iPhone 6S. Did many cinematic shots which you can see at the end of the video. Hope you enjoy, leave a comment if you have any question and like & subscribe if you liked it 🙂

Can’t wait to mix it with my drone footage!

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Ali Khan says:

Fantastic review

Tips For Travellers says:

Great and very helpful review and tips. Thanks

D. Hansel says:

Will this work with the LG Stylo2 Android phone?
My new Stylo2 runs DJI Pilot App.

alanwan07 says:

May I know how to set 1080 or higher quality in dji go app when shooting timelapse/motion timelapse?

TC3 Imagery says:

great video, great review, great samples – thanks!
Do you know why the exposure adjustments are staggered instead of gradual (on some of your shots are moving to or from darker or brighter areas)? Can your phone not shift exposure gradually – or some other explanation?

Moroccan Wonders says:

can't decide which one to get
osmo mobile
smooth 2


help please…..

Joe McMillan says:

damn if that's your girl walking in the video i,m in love with her ass.

charliefarley74 says:

Their customer support is appalling.

Brian Lau says:

what about the motor noise?

Arthur Plottier says:

Would be nice to have an adapter for the Gopro

André Ikeda says:

Please make sure to warn people that phones with Optical image stabilization (6S Plus, 7, 7Plus) might have issues with this device (youtube is full of views explaining this). Cool video otherwise!

stef man says:


ロングテール/2人のアフィリエイター says:


BlueBoxPhoto says:

is it barcelona or sitges ?

Cheers Up Choose says:

Which one is better to record cinematic shots? Osmo or Osmo Mobile?

Santertainment says:

What music did you use on this video?

Andreas K. says:

Hi there! Thanks for the video! Does an iPhone Plus AND its CASE fit? Thanks

JAY AREA says:

Your sister is hot

Catch With Cam says:

can you tell me please what is the price of this device ??

Swift Yan says:

heard there is a problem when using it with iphone. it gives a jello effect to the footage. it would be great if u can tell me how u solve that!

Michael H. says:

Are you from spain? ☺️

rakesh viswanathan says:

I am looking out to buy a gimble for my iPhone,which one will you suggest Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-II 3-Axis Vs Osmo mobile or SPG live??

Michael B. says:

Hi, can I use it for example with the iphone 7? Somebody postet that it doesn't work well.

Johnny Styles says:

Im sure it's gonna be a hassle for new iPhone 7 to find a way to have external mic inputs 🙁

azizul zulzaha says:

i wish the osmo mobile fit in the bag with all the foam cut out that it comes with.

dudenewbie says:

1 amp charging is a joke!

Alan Chau says:

Can you use the rear camera for selfies or vlogs? the front facing camera doesn't have the quality I'd like

David Hernando Davalillo says:

Awesome! I'm sure we're going to enjoy your works with this new gadget!

TheAskarum says:

Awesome Video

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