DJI Osmo Mobile Review Cinematic Videos with Smartphones

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DJI Osmo Mobile Review a gimbal for your smartphone ideal for creative professionals and people you shoot a lot of video with there smartphone in this review I go over the features of Osmo mobile and also share videos samples so that you can get an idea about the DJI Osmo Mobile.


tinyminy says:

hey have you sold this gimble?

Mohammed Ruhban says:

I have Nokia 808 lying around, just wanted to know is it possible to use it with the DJI Osmo Mobile?

TechMAKE says:

Is there any giveaway for this gimble I need it genuinely..
But i dont have that budget…
I also vlog.
Please inform about any giveaway

Atin Randhawa says:

hey Ranjit…. can you plz gift me this osmo mobile… m big fan of u.. and once u have made a unbox video and its useless for u.. plz gift it to me…

school of calisthenics says:

why would u use pixel it already has video stabilization in it?

Hiaruga says:

I had some chicken tikki masala and saag for dinner tonight and it was delicious.

Hemanth Dc says:

Hey… I brought a dji osmo mobile but it's not working i have charged more than 3 hours…… please suggest a solution

Sunishth Goyal says:

Sir I am a huge fan and study in Hyderabad only. Can I please request you to make comparison video with GoPro 5?

smiley studio says:

whr can i get this


can u sell it to me

Amey Mali says:

When will be available in India & where can I buy from?

The bad samaritan says:

Where can I get this in India? @geekyranjit I'm searching and couldn't find it

shubham gupta says:

does it supports dslr ?

Muhd Nurhaikal says:

hi Ranjit, which would you recommend? The Osmo Mobile or Z1 Smooth II?

rakesh viswanathan says:

I am looking out to buy a gimble which one will you suggest Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-II 3-Axis Vs Osmo mobile or SPG live??

Niroop s rao says:

sir do a review on dji mavik

Lars Martin Tangen says:

There is a tripod mount on the side of it if you remove a black plastic cap…

DJ Bae says:

geekyranjit, how does it compare to the zhiyun smooth?

Bachu Boss says:

ranjit sir, pls send ur world wallpaper link….

Mr.Gamer says:

if you guys turn on the captions in the after the intro it says hi there this run cheat…😂😂😂😂

Kim Soy says:

Is it possible to use the back camera of your phone and facing on you? I like to use the back cam for selfies since it has better quality. Is this possible? Please reply. Thank you

Aramis Sandler says:

Pixel has it's own video stabilization. You should've used a phone with no optical or electronic stabilization.

Pulkit Chaudhary says:

what u do basically. For earning money

Inam Ur Rahman Khan says:

This model has a tripod mounting system Ranjeet… check out the left lateral part of the gimble.

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