Does a Mobile Fire Emblem Game Work? (FE Heroes Review)

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Here’s a review of Fire Emblem Heroes, the mobile game from Nintendo’s hit series, and well, it’s actually kinda great, accessible and fun!

Thank you to RedRibbon for the footage:
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GoldenKite says:

sadly my lg tablet has Android 5.0 so the game constantly crashes. But one up side would be stamina isnt an issue

Cynical says:

Just give me the Black Knight and Ike, I'll gladly throw my fucking wallet at you, Nintendo.

Ben Wagner says:

If the stamina system ever bothered you, you're probably playing too much, only ran out of stamina like twice and had like 13 stamina potions or w/e to spare

Crippled Snowman says:

i just love to collect the characters. the gameplay is okay.

MLG Shitbag gaming says:

I always lag of of the app

Obscure Media says:

Not this vid specifically but I love how the community constantly shits on mobile games, pukes at the thought of them, but the second Nintendo makes mobile games the community downloads in droves. Sounds a tad hypocritical

Have to say it looks like a game that you can hair waste a ton of time in and just have fun. The graphics aren't incredible but crisp, colorful and the animation is really smooth. I'll try it out eventually.

Noe Brockman says:

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Axel Voss says:

Maybe it's just because living in an apartment and having no responsibility besides my job gives me a lot of free time, but I never had a problem with Stamina. If I run out of energy in a game like Mine Quest or something, I just play Pokemon Duel or whip out my 3DS or, Hylia forbid, take a walk.

Not really very hard to find something else to do while you wait for your energy to refill.

Senpaii Tails says:

First song is coincidentally my favorite FE song

StairFacts says:

The reason the artstyle is "inconsistent" is because most of the artwork for characters is done by completely different artists, similarly to Fire Emblem Cipher, the ongoing Japanese Fire Emblem card game. It's all for fanservice. Furthermore, the handouts they give players in regards to stamina potions, arena swords, orbs, etc., are so numerous that there is absolutely no reason that you would ever need to buy microtransactions unless you are awful at the game.

ZeroTheHeartlessKing says:

literally my first draw was male robin, ALL OF THE YES #_#

likkyzero says:

to be fair the stamina system in every mobile game is to kinda prevent people from just playing too much plus compared to other mobile games asking for a single orb isn't a huge issue other mobile games ask for like 5 bucks for a full refresh and another flaw is if you do not have a stamina limit. the game would lose its enjoyment in my opinion

Rocky Maldonado says:

I know the stamina meter is a common thing with mobile games, especially gatcha games, but it just feels dumb in this game.
I don't mind the stamina meter, but I despise how LITTLE stamina the game lets you work with before it has to recharge.

I've been playing Phantom of the Kill lately, which is a very Fire Emblem-esque gatcha game (tbh, it feels more like an FE game than Heroes does) and they give you a lot of stamina to work with even as a f2p player who has gotten past the beginning parts of the game. Though I'll admit, Heroes did a decent job of handling stamina for the very early parts of the game.
It's just ridiculous when training units for likely a single level costs you 1/5 of your meter. And a single mission in Hard difficulty costs you a little over 1/5 of your meter as well.

The game is nice, simple, and portable, but it makes me feel like it's not even worth my time when I can't even play it for a little over 5 minutes without running out of stamina and an FE clone is doing what it does, but better. I feel like this could be fixed simply by extending the stamina bar based on your level or something, which I've seen other games do. Everything is so orb-centric and it's just gross at the moment due to how little the game gives you before you're forced to use them if you want to continue playing.

And don't even get me started on the feathers.
Dear lord those feathers. The 5 you get from a visiting friend unit is just insulting to me. lol

Hugh Mungus says:

Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken is my absolute favorite game of all time. I played it for the first time back in 2005 and I still continue to play it. Every 2-3 months I complete a run through of the game. I've probably beaten the game over 40 times.

FatalityPWN says:

The stamina system is really trash

Ninten says:

While I do accept that the stamina system would be better to not have, they give you tons of stamina potions which give you an extra 50 stamina regardless of the limit, which softens the blow a lot more.

Uzume Tennouboshi says:

4:00 You're right about that! It's not a flaw. I mean, look at Arthur! He's looks straight out of a comic book!!!

Jacen D says:

Tbh this review isn't great. Longevity is vital for mobile games, and so far Heroes is really lacking anything to keep people coming back. This is really just looking at the game at face value.
Though I guess this is the problem when you release a video basically the day it comes out before seeing how content updates will work.
Guess I'm being to critical of a youtuber who only reviewed this because it was a nintendo game.

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