FAKE Samsung Galaxy S7 Review – BEWARE 1:1 Replica !

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Fake Galaxy HDC S7 is just a different legend
MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz processor(System shows 8 Core 3.0GHz)
1GB RAM + 4GB ROM / 2GB RAM +8GB ROM (System shows 4GB Ram + 64GB Rom)
Android 5.1 KitKat(System shows 6.0 MarshMallow)
Simulated Fingerprint unlocked phone
Real Support Heart Rate
Real 4-ways Gesture Control
Real Gesture Recognition


TechMagnet says:

visit http://www.china-devies.com for more info about chinese smartphones !!!

csohep says:

Whether samsung s8 fake this samsung 360 camera support

bryan chavez says:

who else blew on the screen at 3:59

TheSistaWarrior says:

He talks too fast. You sound like you were speaking a chinese language not english.

Ryan Walters says:

Is this thing DUAL SIM?

xXOreoChucklezXx says:

Uggghhhhh… I asked for this for my birthday and got a real S7!!!

Haziel Schiller Yorkovetsky says:

Would you have a fake Samsung s7 edge or a flip phone ?

retardghost51 says:

Does it need a sim card?

Sn1p3r M4St3r says:

That is not the same usb cable and not the same earbuds. I have the real one

abdul Raheem Mohammed says:

where can i buy one

Thomas Knight says:

that moment when. the clone is still too expensive for you

Typical Hypebeast says:

Come on the box already tells you it's fake…lmfao

Artavis Hawkins-Durden says:

Life Hack: buy one for $50. Sell it for $350


I have replica

The Cynical Empanada says:

i would get one of those to look badass in school.

Sloan Turner says:

where is a good place to get clones

9800xt256mb says:

Charger russian text "Made in China", english "Made in Vietnam" ))) It is kind of standart label, because i already saw same font and text on fake samsung charger.

Nunya Dambidnis says:

what kind data plan can you on the fake phone

Vlado Nikolić says:

ljudi ko se slaze da je kopija s7 sprdnja neka stisne like ovo se obrukalo ne lici ni malo na original sranje jedinica 1

Miriam Falera says:

Where is the link for template?

محمد شهبودين says:

not water resisstant

Salvador Martinez says:

Hello quick help whats the best way to know for sure a galaxy s7 is 100% legit?
Can i just download geekbench and check for the 5000 score OR should I download genuine galaxy and check the model OR something else?

Shaza says:


MandrillGaming22 says:

What music?

nene 788 says:

wow i can see its fake from a mile away ahhh i have a real one soo i know

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