Feiyu Tech SPG Plus iPhone 2 handed Gimbal Review

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Buy it here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1321843-REG/feiyu_fyspgp_spg_plus_2_handed_gimbal.html/BI/6857/KBID/7410

Fstoppers reviews this two handed gimbal for your phone and discusses it’s movement, features, and the available mounting options for accessories.


dpcriss says:


Decaffeinated Photography says:

Seems like kind of an oversight to not include footage haha. A small channel like mine would not be able to get away with that…

TheTechnoPilot says:

And the footage from the gimbal, ideally comparing it to other competitors is?

Dewie Gray says:

If you're not going to show us some footage, there's no reason to keep walking.

venom5809 says:

Nice, finally a proper smartphone gimbal.

DarthTaQ says:

it looks like they filmed the review with the new gh5… I can tell because of the back focusing for most of the video.

Sami says:

you guys are really into Gimbals :P, great stuff

david valens says:

no footage?

Andy Peterson says:

Meh, no link for "smooth C"

Andy Peterson says:

Meh. Didn't show footage

Jesse Melton says:

Thumbs up for the review, & not the product.

JulianGoesPro says:

Please tell me you shot that video using an iPhone and that gimbal 😉

Critical Monochrome says:

please just stop promoting stuff
srsly i like your epic videos and your tutorials …. but if i want to buy stuff i go into a store

riyazes says:

great review! would have liked to see some footage from it, but it's all good 😀

Casey0Casey says:

Why not put some sample footage though?

Savage Unbox says:

give me Something for my channel For review 😔😔💝 #from_Morocco

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