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Today we review the new 98 rated ultimate hero Sergio Aguero on fifa mobile. He isn’t cheap but is he worth it!?
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Massive thanks EA for supply me with this Aguero for the purpose of the review.

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My names Joe and im known as joebiline or joebilineHD.
I upload FIFA MOBILE videos every single day!
Expect lots of fifa mobile pack openings and fifa mobile player reviews and impact predictions and impact upgrades plus everything else

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Daily FIFA uploads on FIFA Mobile, including player reviews, squad builders and elite pack openings.

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  • Siddarth Ashok

    man this is seriously unfair.

  • Prawndom Byrne

    Don't you only need 10 normal team heroes, not second edition?

  • Turn Meht

    itz beast but impossible

  • Black Viper – FIFA Mobile Content

    I have definetly played you in attack mode before a season or 2 ago

  • NayanD Games & Sports

    102 Aguero WOW !!! Awesome !!!
    Its even better than the FIFA Champion Griezmann…

  • Rohi Nair


  • Frank GZ

    How do you know when an update is about to drop?

    Yeah I had a bunch of good crest that nobody wanted to buy until this update made about 200k and sold some elite trophies for 30k

  • Thomas Larsen

    how much real money have you spend since you downloaded FIFA mobile?

  • Mehdi Medox

    can you tell us how to fix the game crash problème plz joebline plz tell me

  • Bryan Bernal

    Can someone buy my ultimate flashback neuer in fifa

  • DACCaeiro

    I couldn't hold myself and built Pizzi. The RM team hero from Benfica. I was planning on getting Mané from Attack Mode, but I had all the pieces without needing to spend any coins, so I thought "might aswell do it".

  • Toshua

    I did buy many THs, but in fact, I made only 10k or less, they just dropped too hard after it was released. But I started sniping Boateng UFB Tokens 2 Weeks before the Event started, and bought all 15 elite Trophies I needed! Every Trophy for 16k or less, now they are 25k+! And I saved all my team crests I had, nearly 100, and even bought the day it started 50 more for 4-5k each. Then I did the 1st edition TH trade In 2 times: di Maria and freaking CHEDJOU!!! That was awesome, today I got the last token I needed for Boateng finally, now my defense is nearly perfect for my free to play account:
    RB 97 Coleman
    CB Chedjou 88
    CB Boateng 94
    and my LB is Filipe Luis now, but I will get Rose from ATM. Then my defense is complete…So the event paid off for me.


    wow! and nothing more I can say about that player!😄

  • not at all

    Everyone has a dream to put 98 rated aguero in the team but now he is so costly.But still hoping to get him

  • MR. ??????

    Who say me impacy uptages

  • elias youtube

    Buen video crack estas consiguiendo alos mejores jugadores

  • IamN6S

    I wanna buy toulolan

  • Ali Mukhtar

    What stadium do u use?

  • Karim Negm

    Any league close to modric?

  • Leon

    Joe: " If you are new subscribe I upload every single day" Me:" I'm here everyday, so I'm good"

  • Bombeh bance

    I crafted a first edition pack for 120k and sold him (chedjou) for 325k

  • Leon

    Is he better than 99 griezmann

  • Tarik Bajrić

    will you update today impact how thay will update I have 3of them please answere!


    Hey guys. I need a league which is really close to pirlo and modric. Please invite me if you are really close to them. My name is "hyp" and i have a 89 team (91 in game) and i am a very active player. My logo is man utd icon and i have 17 million fans

  • jason RB

    When u can only buy the UFB augero sad times and now I am broke