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Today we review the fifa mobile 99 rated gareth bale from the world qualifier’s plan and oh boy is he good! But very expensive!
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What I record & edit with:

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My names Joe and im known as joebiline or joebilineHD.
I upload FIFA MOBILE videos every single day!
Expect lots of fifa mobile pack openings and fifa mobile player reviews and impact predictions and impact upgrades plus everything else

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Daily FIFA uploads on FIFA Mobile, including player reviews, squad builders and elite pack openings.

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fdrck says:

My League is open to anyone that have min ovr 83 and speaks English and Indonesian.
The League name is D'Cruelz.

Kemri Luca says:

Can I know which is more worth to complete, Bale 99 or Aguero 98? I have enough fifa coins to grinding one of them.

Ishfaq Shah says:

Yeah, defence seems to have got different symmetry now, I faced a guy with 3CB's and his middle one always defended my attack.

AlenHD-Fifa Mobile content says:

Joe make a vid on 99 Griezmann VS TOTS Griezman

Elite Gamer says:

Its my birthday can i get 3 likes

Kris Samuel says:

That MoopiCait though..

Himanshu Shres says:

what you use for screenrecording? 🙂

Jithin Rajendran says:

Hi guys is there any league close to Modric or Pirlo I have 93 ovr team. fifa name : LegendRacer

Haris Haris says:

i really love your team

JustOpEn mindED says:

ya it uses … Ur cb

Andy Wilson says:

Anyone wanna join my league

Naufal Shah says:

that's an amazing thing you have just completed, just curious of how much real money you have spend for the plan 🙄🙄

Praveen Raj Rajamani says:

Joe can you pls suggest me a nice formation?

Android Gaming 123 says:

how is better diego costa 95 harry kane 95 or manolo icardi 95? Plz answer

Nicholas Friend says:

WOW another player I can't get……

Borislav Grgv says:

Joe, thank you for posting perhaps the best videos about Fifa on YT! And thanks for being so devoted, we all appreciate it tremendously!
I rarely comment, the last time that I did was when you almost got me killed with Papadoupoulopoulos lol It still manages to cheer me up every time!
Literally a few minutes before I decided to write this comment, I played VS attack and was again strongly disappointed by the mechanics of the mode. I found an opponent, I started playing and just when the 2 minutes were up and I was leading 5:4, my turn finished, had to wait for the other guy and lost 5:6. This virtually happens all the time and its a huge pain in the ass. I`m at 560k fans at the moment and only once so far I have had the message saying that the opponent finished before me and is waiting for my completion. Sometimes I am playing on my own for over a minute and only then, the status bar appears for the opponent that he is making an attack. I am aware that real time matches can cause delays but literally in 90% of the occasions when I finish at 1 goal lead or we tie, after the opponent finishes the result isn`t anymore in my favor.
One last huge thing that I would be very thankful if you could propose to EA – if you shoot towards the goal after the last second has passed and you score, the goal should stand. NBA has it with the last buzzer shot and in VS attack, every chance of scoring when you have 5 seconds or lower is pointless.
Keep up the good work mate, greetings from Bulgaria! 🙂

Charlotte says:

I saw someone have 100 kaka maxed 100 david luiz maxed and 100 oblak maxed he's called moopiecait he has 112 ovr team i was shocked! Edit: He also has aubamyeng with 132 sprint speed!!!!

Ahsan Khan says:

wouldn't you want online matches and through balls pls would you ask ea about this

Zygmunt Poli says:

3 at the back doesn't use any defenders. False 9 variant, uses mainly your strikers and middle CM

Özkan KARA says:

Subscribe to Enez Sarıoğlu.99 Gareth Bale will get 15.00

Extreme Gamer says:

Hey man thanks for uploading videos everyday for us

Ashaz Football Videos says:

80 Tackling omg ( For a striker )

Sakib Solanki says:

431st 😂😂

Raymond DeLaGhetto says:

Bro your the best 🙂

shubham sharma says:

what do you think of the no 2 guy with 112 rating does he spends​ real money

Aditya Sonawane says:

Which lowest Team Overall you have faced ? How was it ?

STEFAN Capusneanu says:

Make a Giveaway with Aubameyang

Aditya Sonawane says:

Review Jodi Alba 96

perkw says:

80 defending o m g

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