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Today we have a review on the new fifa mobile 92 rated CAM TOTW IF Inform Messi player review. He’s very expensive but we look at him and discuss what his cost may be once April POTM is over.
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What I record & edit with:

Massive thanks to EA for providing me with Messi for the purposes of this review.

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Channel Blurb:
My names Joe and im known as joebiline or joebilineHD.
I upload FIFA MOBILE videos every single day!
Expect lots of fifa mobile pack openings and fifa mobile player reviews and impact predictions and impact upgrades plus everything else

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Daily FIFA uploads on FIFA Mobile, including player reviews, squad builders and elite pack openings.

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Filios Gaming58 says:

im Modriç 91 and Hector belerin 90 is good or not good?

VINNY 123 says:

I think son is gonna get potm

Ishfaq Shah says:

And Joe, what are your speculations about new Promo?
I mean that picture by EA? 😂

Ishfaq Shah says:

Penalty Tip- Always shoot straight, with full power. And if it does get blocked it falls back on your feet. 😎

MegaCrafter Pe says:

Quick Tip (if u didnt know) easiest way to score all ur penalties is to go and side but low


Hey guys. I am searching a league close to modric. Really close to modric tho. Like 5k away from him. I have a 94 ovrl team and i can score 20+ goals. Plz let me know if you jave sthg for me

Rijo Sam says:

U got Messi!! I spent my every single penny for him!! and nothing!! 😖😖😖

Barmby Fernandes says:

Özil is the best CAM.

Anurag rockz says:

Joe, one more query will Toty Pique price come to 2.7-3 m if bonucci is announced as potm which is very much possible as he is a CB

Archy V3 says:

What a screen recorder????

Archy V3 says:

What a screen recorder????

Anurag rockz says:

Joe I have heard that u have given ea some suggestions about the next seasonal event,if yes then place make that event grind based like the stpd day and not like the Easter where we have to choose between martial token or a non guaranteed player even after hours of grinding.Atleast give them some suggestions like u did post the update 5 .0.Thanks bro for ur responses.

Eliav Raye says:

i opened a wildcard pack and i got 94 Kuyt and 85 modric!!!

Paras Adhikari says:

So you support forest? What about the Premier league?

Jackson Santos says:

como você fez para ganhar o Messi ????

Mattiekoe says:

Like we can pay him🤔

Cosmin Popa says:

How good is Kagawa ufb ?

Rahulmad23 Fifamobilecontent says:

I want benteke to get it to annoy Liverpool fans

Rahulmad23 Fifamobilecontent says:

Wkh hd used a joker token to replace him

fifa master says:

EA employ..easy stuff

Anuel Maradiaga says:

Joebilone ur the first one to have messi congratz

Ali Bluex says:

It was a Red card

Taylor Made says:

Wow do ppl actually play this shit asf game ?? Please enlighten me what's so good about it

ali amer says:

is manè 94 good ?
he is right foot !

MPSF Matt Plays Fifa says:

how much did u pay for him

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