Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7: Full Comparison!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7- Full comparison of camera, specs, hardware, features, and more! In this Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 video review, we’ll compare the S8 or S8+ to the iPhone 7 / Plus to see which top 2017 smartphone is better. ▶dbrand skins –

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Sebastian Ignacio says:

Apple needs to step up with their phones

Max Ramirez says:

Fuck that. Red iPhone 7 plus all day hoe. If Samsung can make a red s8 I may reconsider..

H2oz//TEEM says:

Apple users are gonna leave ios devices for Samsung Galaxy S8. People at my School said that Samsung sucks but they will regret not getting the s8 and they will be getting a worse phone for a higher price.

Chuchi Corridos says:

I'll still buy the IPhone 7 .

Ben says:

picking up the s8 tomorrow

aguilar69 says:

I'll wait for the note 8

Noah LaRoy says:

Samsung's S8 is definitely the hotter phone in looks even though the iPhone has a better software experience and performance.

FoeLife Flair says:

got mine waiting to go pick it up

FoeLife Flair says:

Samsung Galaxy 4 Life

CreeperGaming2003 Minecraft & More says:

S8 Excellent   iPhone Piece of Crap

Jamie Collett says:

s8 by a mile!

Samuel Okeowo says:

S8 definitely S8

Novie says:

Anyone who votes for the iPhone is embarrased because if the amount of people who like the s8 better. Including me.

Steve Hunt says:

s8 forever !!

John Smith says:

comparing old phones to new phones no wonder the s8 is slightly better. Just wait until the next iPhone. It will be epic and blow the s8 away

Colin Chapman says:

Is it really so subjective at this point? Why would someone buy an iPhone over the S8?

Andrew Mercier says:

He fought himself when saying the stereo speakers were great even though only one is front facing.

Keenan Smith says:

Don't you ever put my number is mass text again without permission. I don't know how you got my number but that is not ok

Dairen Naidoo says:

like them both but they still have good areas & bad…

Haris Ijaz says:

Samsung's display and Apple's software lol😂

FaZe Zizou says:

s 8 is the best don't be triggerd apple fanboys

Randy Ngo says:

Was the time of the video on purpose?

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