Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7+ \\ Real World Phone Battle Review!

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dbrand ▶ // Galaxy S8 Mini Review
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Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

Next phone battle? Comment the phone you want to see!

Shawn Brookins says:

Wait for the Note 8. Better, wait until at least September, cooler phones on the horizon!!

Victor Macias says:

Hey Kevinthetechninja does anyone tell you kinda look similar to Daniel Cormier UFC light heavyweight champ

Ronald David says:

The post music was a nice touch. Your reviews are always on point ! I'll wait for the iPhone 8 to make my decision on the next upgrade.

Eddy Nelson Lopez says:

The iris scanner also work in dark conditions not just the fingerprint.

arcmino woowawa says:

hahaha… this comparison is…

Eddy Nelson Lopez says:

The S variant is nothing, the Note 8 will be the real beast.

Troy Hays says:

shouldn't the 1080 out of the box be more of an FYI than a negative?

PS when I upgraded my Edge Plus to 7.0 it also changed to to 1080, FYI

Frank Wong says:

Lets be honest. Galaxy S7 > IPhone 7.

paco kill says:

What was the name of the song during the speaker comparison?

Elena Faenza says:

It's 6 months old ..

Dutch Noh says:

Glad you decided to do this comparison now bc it's not like the Apple will change form factor anyway right? ( the last 4 years) lol you know unless its for the worse (headphone jack).

AboveTheClouds87 says:

Why don't they just make finger print for both front and back? Cuz when I'm driving and the phone is docked it's sometimes annoying to get to the back fingerprint. I have v20 and I wish there's a front fingerprint scanner

Andromeda Sirius says:

Is it just me or this guy simply praising iPhone without making it so obvious
IPhone has nothing against this beast

Boris Bassue says:

Kevin out here listening to PND lol

Thefastlane425 says:

Rohan sighting!

mike Bussart says:

I am so tired of people whining about the finger ptint scanner, get over it. Therre are other ways to lock your phone if you feel you need to or just dont leave your phone laying around unattended. its thats simple goog god.

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