Gear S3 iPhone Review – Gear manager for iOS

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I share my experience of using my Gear S3 frontier paired to the iPhone 6.


Joe R. G. says:

Hi Joe, short question. When you pair the Gear S3 with your iPhone, did you see "SMS/MMS" under "Settings"? Thanks!

Joseph Leopold Roth 'student' says:

If you use this watch with IOS, no email, no samsung pay, no maps, limited outgoing sms, weather app sometimes works, limited number of apps, and even you download them they generally don't work. Google maps shows I am in korea, NPR voice some plays. I got the Tmobile version with LTE/Wifi I don't understand why with this version you need to connect to a phone. It seems Samsung could have created a pop3/SMTP mail app and allow email in stand alone version. I returned it. Maybe they will get a real standalone version with the gear S4 where the user experience is the same and you don't even need a phone. It is more physcially attractive than the Apple Watch. I really wanted it to work.

Mark Lackritz says:

I was unable to get my contacts to the gear from my iphone.
Any suggestions?

Evgeny Eugene says:

Is there difference when using Gear with Samsung and other android phones? Thank you for your videos!!!

Ros Londo says:

Please do a video with the new gear s3 software updates. Thanks

Bryman Hola says:

Hey. u can reply on the watch wen pare with iPhone, I mean texting even u can download 3rd party app

uumode says:

Fantastic comparison, informative and useful

Nathan Griff says:

Thanks for the excellent review. I like the gear s3 frontier more than the look of my apple watch and want to get this Samsung if it will do everything with my iPhone, especially calls and text messaging. Are there any problems with doing these things (or any other things) with an iPhone 6 and a gear s3 frontier? Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.

Tinashe Gumbe says:

The Gear Manager needs an update on both platforms

7Delight Corner says:

nice review.. i have iphone 7 plus.. and i got a gift from samsung s3 gear classic.. so its better i wear it or sell it?

Hershel Jones says:

Do you think they will improve over time

Ralf Strauch says:

Thx for this good video. Can you pls explain how to get komoot & Spotify running on the Samsung Gear S3? Both Apps are installed on my iPhone 6s+.

Kristin Hanson says:

I downloaded an input alternative that works a zillion times better than drawing letter by flipping letter or the crappy voice feature: MODALITY. It's a mind-shift for sure but works once you get used to it (they claim 50wpm). Developed FOR Tizen OS; they didn't even bother with Android since nobody's made an Android-GearS comparable.

Christian Lukunga says:

awesome video can you show me how to download spotify apps on gear 3 , on iOS divices

danceparttyy says:

Great video!

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